Alice in Wonderland Pics…Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. Burton’s at it again.

Posted on 22 June 2009 by Quaid

I haven’t always been the most avid Tim Burton fan. Some of his movies (like Sleepy Hollow) have felt just a little too “style over substance” to me…weird for the sake of weird.

AliceW2That being said, I love love love Beetlejuice, cried at the end of Big Fish, and really enjoyed the hell out of Sweeney Todd.

Then again we all have to remember…the man did remake Planet of the Apes.

Still, every time he announces a new film I am always intrigued and hopeful.  With Alice in Wonderland, there was a huge opportunity for Burton to create a visually stunning film steeped in iconic imagery but with that quirky, Burton twist.  Based on these pics, courtesy of USA Today, I’d say the visually oriented director has come through in spades.

It looks like Burton is working in a bright, beautiful color palette this time, but there is still a dark and sinister edge to the visuals.  The warping of the Queen of Hearts’ head is a bit eerie, and Johnny Depp looks insane.

We’ll have to wait for a trailer to really know if the story is as strong as the visuals…it seems the classic tale has been updated with a 17-year-old Alice desperate to escape an unwanted proposal.  So far, though, I am nothing but encouraged.  Can’t wait to see some footage.

Here are a few of the images.  Click to make big, and go HERE to see more.


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