New G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Trailer. I feel nothing.

Posted on 21 June 2009 by Quaid

I don’t exactly know what it is about this movie, but everything that has come out thus far has left me 100% cold and “meh.”

GIJoeIconIt’s not really that I’m actively down on the movie or that I am passionate that it’s going to suck.  There is really just nothing in any promotion (print or video) that I feel is new or unique or affecting.  The action (as I’ve said before) just looks like CG people doing CG things with no weight, depth, or character.  The studio hasn’t bothered to show us what the story is going to be–other than “it’ll have a bunch of badass soldiers in suits fighting bad guys.”

In these trailers, I don’t really get to know any characters or their relationships or what makes them tick.  It’s supposed to be enough, I guess, that they have suits that make them able to jump really high and do acrobatics in the air.

For me, that doesn’t cut it.  Maybe there is a great movie in here and the advertising just isn’t showing it off.  But at least with Transformers I have strong opinions about whether or not I want to see the movie…with this one, I just don’t give a shit.  And I think that’s kinda the exact opposite of what marketing is supposed to do.

So what say you guys…am I way off base?  Who’s totally jazzed for this movie?

Check out the trailer from Latino Review.


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  1. ParryOtter Says:

    It’s not just you. The first time I saw the trailer, I actually went off into a reverie and had to be jolted back by an explosive noise. Any trailer that can’t even hold my attention for a few minutes does not bode well.

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