Universal to remake Bride of Frankenstein. The world to lose a little bit more of its soul.

Posted on 17 June 2009 by ShepRamsey

I’m starting to get scared.  Last week I posted a list of Five Movies That Are Safe–remakes that I thought couldn’t possibly get made.  I didn’t include this one, but I can imagine that I might have.  Something about it just doesn’t seem entirely doable, but apparently I’m wrong because it’s happening.

bride-of-frankenstein-elsa-lancaster1Yes, according the the RiskyBizBlog, Universal and Imagine are gearing up for a long-gestating remake of James Whale’s classic 1935 horror film Bride of Frankenstein.  They are in talks with Neil Burger (The Illusionist) to write and direct it.

I know I shouldn’t speak too loud on this one, but frankly I’m surprised that they’re not starting over with the first Frankenstein and making a franchise out of it. 

Anyway, this is obviously an idea I’m none too fond of and I imagine few will be.  But Hollywood just can’t be stopped anymore.  We have to just lay back and accept that everything under the sun is going to hell and all of our fondest memories of cinema past are all on the cusp of bastardization.                           

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