Oh Happy Trejo Day: Machete shoots in five weeks!

Posted on 15 June 2009 by Quaid

We’ve been wondering for a while about which of his numerous projects Robert Rodriguez would shoot next.  Would it be the Predators sequel?  The Jetsons reboot?  Seems not.  Instead we get what we need most: Danny Trejo doing Trejovian things.

macheteIn an interview with Gordon and the Whale, Trejo revealed that the film adaptation of Machete, a film born from one of those retro, tongue-in-cheek Grindhouse trailers, would start shooting very soon.

The bad news is that this same article confirms that Trejo will not have a role in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables.  So much for having a film that collects every living badass.

If anyone deserves their own ridiculous, over-the-top action movie it’s Danny Trejo.  The notable Mexi-CAN has been a staple in shoot-em-up cinema for years, mostly because of his friendship with Bob Rodriguez.

Here’s the original trailer to get you all hopped up on testosterone.  Bring it on, Trejo.  



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  1. superdigg Says:

    This sucks! I was watching Once Upon a Time in Mexico last night, having seen Bubble Boy a few days earlier, and I thought, “Danny Trejo has been a loyal character actor for so many years! It’s a pity that they always give him the same role. It’s about time someone cast him in his OWN movie. I’m going to do it!” And then I stumble upon this site through Digg.com and what do I see in the sidebar but this article. Heartbreaking, but also empowering. You go, Danny Trejo!

  2. charles conn Says:

    amazing! i for one can’t wait. the grainy look and snap crackle and pop on the audio are great touches. i love how rodriguez plays with the stereotypes and fears underlying but prevalent in this part of the country…it’s the right time for this pic for sure.

  3. Quaid Says:

    Charles…it’s funny to me how few people recognize some of Rodriguez’s social commentary, even with something as obvious as “Once Upon a Time In Mexico.” Who says you need something Oscar-oriented to make some interesting points about race, nationality and culture?

    I just remember one of my college film professors droning on and on about how Rodriguez sold out when he made Desperado after El Mariachi, and I got very pissed off. People read too much into one because it’s low-budget and don’t give the other one enough credit because it’s got money behind it.

    Anyway, I’m ranting…thanks for the intelligent comment.

  4. Punkyuppie Says:

    they are filming this down the street from my house here in austin…….they turned an old garage into Machete’s Chop Shop!!!!

    should be ill gnar

  5. Nick Cancilla Says:

    A longshot. Noticed a name in the Machete credits, “Dominic Cancilla”. Would like to get an e-mail address for him.

    Best Regards,
    Nick Cancilla

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