Audiences get a Hangover two weeks in a row!

Posted on 15 June 2009 by Quaid

You gotta love the title of this movie.  It allows for such stupid and self-congratulatory headlines; I’m going to be sad to see it leave theaters.

hangoverThe Hangover is officially a runaway hit, grabbing the top spot at the box-office for the second week.  The movie pulled in $33.4 million, down just 26% from last weekend.  It really does seem the movie is uniting all audiences and receiving great word of mouth.

I have a theory on this.  Everyone has been hungover.  And the name of the movie is The Hangover.  Hollywood, you’re ingenious.

Up was down a measly 31% in its third week, pulling in $30.5 million to make its total domestic cume a fantastic $187.2 million.  I guess you can market an animated kids film about an old man, after all.  Take that marketing guys.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta, fell in line with expectations and took in $25 million.  The Tony Scott directed actioner suffers from a series of less-than-stellar reviews, but it should do all right in the end based on the star power of its main actors.

Imagine That, however, will become an epic FAIL.  It pulled in only $5.7 million for the weekend, barely beating out last year’s abysmal Meet Dave.  Maybe Eddie Murphy will STOP MAKING SMUG FAMILY COMEDIES AND RETURN TO SHIT THAT’S ACTUALLY FUNNY!

That’s the breakdown.  Until next time, remember to use those student IDs for cheaper tickets and recycle your 3D glasses.  Otherwise God will hate you.                           

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  1. HansKlopek Says:

    You haven’t seen The Hangover, you probably won’t see it, yet you still feel justified in making fun of the movie’s marketing strategy and title. If you ask me, aside from the first trailer that made The Hangover look kind of useless, they’ve done a good job emphasizing the funny, less raunchy parts of the film. It really is one of the few comedies that actually lives up to the hype of its own success, and the fact that it is uniting audiences is something to be applauded, not bashed.

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