First Zombieland Pics! Starring Jesse Eisenberg’s crazy hair!

Posted on 12 June 2009 by Quaid

Not to be outdone by yesterday’s Deadworld news, the powers that be have released the first official images from the Woody Harrelson zombie comedy Zombieland.

What I am most psyched about, though, is seeing Jesse Eisenberg embrace his comedic chops.  There was some insanely funny stuff in Adventureland, and Eisenberg’s comedic persona–mixed with zombies–could be priceless.  

And whatever you do, don’t call him the poor man’s Michael Cera.  He’s TOTALLY different.

Here are the pics.  Click on over to AICN for the original story.

While these might look kinda stock, the lighting, facial expressions, and cowboy hat all point to this being something really fun and goofy with a tone that is distinct from other zombie comedies (read Shaun of the Dead).  

I especially love the baseball bat one.  Just look at Woody’s comedically intense expression.  He’s gonna make some zombie brains splatter, you can guarantee.                           

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