Zooey Deschanel is insanely cute in this 500 Days of Summer trailer!

Posted on 09 June 2009 by Quaid

Anyone who knows me knows that this trailer is tailor-made for me.  I’m an emo kid at heart with a wicked sense of humor and a heart of gold.  I like talking late into the night, long walks on the…sorry.  Forgot what I was doing for a second.

Anyway, check out this trailer for the gender-swapping 500 Days of Summer which proves that the doe-eyed beauty of Zooey Deschanel can turn any man into a relationship obsessed, emotional wreck.

Oh, and Joseph Gordon Levitt’s in it too.


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  1. HansKlopek Says:

    I’m gonna love that movie so much and I hate myself for it.

  2. Quaid Says:

    I’m right there with ya, brother. We’re hopeless.

  3. charmer1 Says:

    Already saw it at the Phoenix Flim Festival.Great movie.Will see it again and yea I think I hate myself for liking it too much.

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