Great Scott! Brett Ratner Directing a DeLorean Biopic!

Posted on 09 June 2009 by Quaid

Variety is reporting that Time Inc. Studios and XYZ Films are banding together to develop a biopic about John DeLorean, that kooky entrepreneur who gave us the DeLorean Motor Company, and cars that looked ultra-futuristic but didn’t work well in parking garages.

deloreanWho can direct such an epic tale, you ask.  None other than Brett “The Family Man” Ratner himself.  

DeLorean was arrested in 1982 for allegedly trafficking drugs in order to keep his floundering car company afloat.  While he was eventually acquitted, the company went belly-up anyway.  

In hearing this news, an obvious question comes to mind: Why did it take so long to bring this story to the screen???  Well, apparently Hollywood has had interest in DeLorean’s story for a while, but the man, while living, always wanted to be in the driver’s seat.  Now that he’s passed on, his family is “ready for a truthful telling of the rise and fall of the entrepreneur, bolstered by 500 pages of the DeLorean-penned memoir.”

If you’re waiting for some kind of joke about Doc Brown and Marty McFly goodness, just keep waiting.  I will, however, say that when I was a kid I was convinced that any DMC-12 vehicle could, in fact, travel through time.  If this were true, I think John DeLorean might have been more successful.  

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  1. Ricardo Williams Says:

    is this guy’s life interesting enough for a movie, seriously? maybe a tv-documentary but i don’t know about a feature film

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