Epix to make brand new movies available online…and on cable!

Posted on 09 June 2009 by Quaid

What do Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount have in common?  They’re working together to bring movies that haven’t yet been released on DVD to a television and computer screen near you.

epixAccording to Ars Technica, the service is called Epix, and it’s an attempt, it would seem, to cash in on that window between theatrical distribution and DVD release.  

Instead of going the ad-sponsored or pay-TV route, it looks like this service is going to be bundled in with major cable networks…meaning you won’t have to add it to your cable package for an extra fee.

But the best part, for me at least, is that this service will offer films streaming over the web at true 720p HD.  Wa-hoo!  New movies beamed directly to my projector via my computer, on-demand!  

There’s a catch on this point, however… 

Epixhd.com will only be available to people who subscribe to one provider’s TV offering and also subscribe to that same provider’s Internet offering. That is, if Comcast were to offer Epix, users would need to pay for both Comcast cable and Comcast Internet in order to access the streaming, on-demand service.”

Drat.  Ah well, here’s hoping my cable company picks up the service…then I’ll be one happy young man.

Check out EpixHD.com to see a graphic promising greatness.                           

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