“Johnny Five is Alive!” Short Circuit getting remade.

Posted on 04 June 2009 by Quaid

Let’s play a game.  Name all the successful, crowd pleasing movies from the 80′s that aren’t getting remade.  I know, it’s tough.

shortcircuitposterAs Shep put it yesterday, “They’re remaking everything…I don’t know why I keep getting all indignant about it.”

Add another one to the fire.  ”Robot Chicken” writer Dan Milano has been tapped by Dimension Films to write a remake of our favorite screwball 80′s robot film Short Circuit, says Variety.

Why Dan Milano?  I’m guessing an executive saw that he wrote for a show with “Robot” in the title and exclaimed “That’s the man for the job!”

I don’t want to ask the question…I’m getting tired of asking it…but here it is, once again: Is Short Circuit dated enough to really warrant a remake?

Nah.  Not in the slightest, but this new film will make millions of dollars and more remakes will continue sliding down the pipeline.

Really, though, name a big budget movie that isn’t based on some pre-existing property whether it be a toy, a previously successful movie, theme park ride, board game or untitled mattel property.  It’s tough.

This probably warrants its own article, but the basic premise is this: as long as these movies make money, they will keep getting made.  And they’re going to keep making money.                           

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  1. Quaid Says:

    I just remembered one…Avatar is 100% original. God bless you, James Cameron.

  2. didiMao Says:

    uhh…. Wall-E = Short Circuit…

  3. Crafu Says:

    I know! The Warriors, The Karate Kid, Highlander, even Poltergeist is getting the treatment. How long before Back to the Future is raped, with Jack Black playing the Doc? Are there any original ideas out there?
    It makes me want to cry!

  4. Quaid Says:

    I’ll commit right now…if they ever remake Back the the Future, I will picket. Actively. For weeks if necessary.

  5. HansKlopek Says:

    There are plenty of 80s remakes that I’ll picket for. Back to the Future is one. Breakfast Club is another. I’m kind of tempted to picket for what they are doing to the Karate Kid and Adventures in Babysitting.

  6. Kelvin Says:

    First Drop Dead Fred and now this?! All my childhood favourites are being remade. I hate it! Stop the madness and leave the classics alone.

  7. Paul Benjamin Says:

    So when is ET getting a sequel?

  8. Robin Genter Says:

    Great article! I’m just getting back into things and love positive articles – physical and mental well being are keys to a life well lived.

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