“Death saved the best…for 3-D.” The Final Destination trailer hits.

Posted on 04 June 2009 by Quaid

After being so down on this movie, it’s hard to admit it, but I kind of want to see this one in a crowd full of dumb teenagers wearing 3-D glasses.  I think it will be fun as hell.

The trailer promises some truly ridiculous and over-the-top kills, which is really the point of the series.  If you go by the scenes shown here, I think this one might be able to go, ‘splosion for ‘splosion, against the best of them.  

Still think they’re playing the tone just a little too serious, but what can ya do?  I know it’s a big, dumb fun joke even if the filmmakers don’t.

Check out the trailer below…


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  1. miah thor Says:

    I don’t like it that they are bringing out this franchise for Generation “Y” & “Z” because the movie it’s based on, the original film from 2000, is mostly a Generation “X” movie. All the actors/characters shown in this preview were elementary school CHILDREN when the original classic came out so the creation of this movie seems silly….but I’ll still see it because I like the whole concept that the franchise is based on.

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