Brosnan and Cooper join the cast of Remember Me

Posted on 04 June 2009 by HansKlopek

The cast of Remember Me, the new Allen Coulter-directed family drama for Summit, just landed Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper in two of the supporting roles. You might ask who they are supporting. Well, the good looking kid from Twilight, of course.

pbros_smallRobert Pattinson, now an international hearthrob after his mediocre work in a less than mediocre film, will play a young man whose parents (Brosnan and Lena Olin) split up following his brother’s suicide, leaving him sleepwalking through life. Emile De Ravin (from T.V.’s Lost and the indie masterpiece Brick) will play a young woman who, after her mother’s death, seizes life to its fullest. Cooper is being courted to play her father, according to Variety.

On this site, you have probably picked up our cynicism toward the zeitgeist-shifting power of Twilight. But I still maintain that it was a situation where talented people were just working shit material that they knew would make tons of cash so they saw no need to mess with it. Everyone on that movie is capabale of better things, and this role sounds like a dramatic breakout for Pattinson who, we must remember, was great in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

This movie could be really awesome. Coulter was a great directorial presence on T.V., chipping in with episodes of Sex and the City and The Sopranos. His most recent film work, Hollywoodland, was underrated and interesting. Filming is supposed to start on June 15th for this flick but no release date has been determined. Probably Oscar season 2010.                           

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  1. Quaid Says:

    I think even he hates the Twilight movies….he looks so angsty and tortured on screen. :)

  2. Quaid Says:

    Speaking of pattinson, of course

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