Want a New Scream Trilogy? Williamson thinks so.

Posted on 03 June 2009 by Quaid

The last major film that Kevin Williamson worked on was 2005′s abysmal werewolf movie Cursed.  So it’s no surprise that the writer/producer of “Dawson’s Creek” is hoping to return to the Scream franchise.

screamiconAccording to Entertainment Weekly, Williamson has approached David Arquette and Courtney Cox Arquette about whether they would be interested in not one…not two…but a whole trilogy of new Scream movies.

I’m sincerely doubting that this one gets off the ground.  I mean, unless Williamson has an absolutely amazing idea up his sleeve (and he very well might), the franchise ran out of gas at part two, and drudging up the 90′s slasher “whodunnit” just doesn’t seem…what’s the word…”economically viable.”

There is no word about the possible involvement of the rest of the cast or Wes Craven…but I’m guessing no.  My theory is that Williamson desperately wants to revitalize a career built on witty, trendy 90′s dialogue, and he’s the main guy pushing this project through.  He’s probably still a little miffed that his directorial debut, Teaching Mrs. Tingle, was pretty much a total dud.

I wish him the best.                           

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