That Stretch Armstrong movie is finally taking shape.

Posted on 02 June 2009 by Quaid

It seems like years ago that we first heard that Universal was trying to clobber together a movie based on the popular toy “Stretch Armstrong.” Today, it looks like the project is starting to take shape.

stretcharmstrongWe don’t have a script yet, but we’ve got a release date–April 15, 2011.

Brian Grazer is attached to produce and Steve “Bruce Almighty” Oedekerk is grinding out the script which will, of course, be a family-targeted action/adventure comedy.

It’s also important to note that Universal signed a deal with Hasbro in 2008 to develop more toy properties, so look for more of this kind of fare (like Ridley Scott’s Monopoly). I’m still holding out hope for the Speak-n-Spell movie…

Check out IESB for more details.                           

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