Heathcliff coming to a theater near you…

Posted on 01 June 2009 by Quaid

My experience with the comic strip “Heathcliff” is limited to the cartoon series I used to watch as a kid.  While I don’t remember too much of the show, I know I loved it.

heathcliffHeathcliff was kind of like a back alley Garfield with street smarts.  So now that one cat has gotten the live-action big screen treatment, why not the other?

Variety is reporting that  Magic Lantern Entertainment and rights holder FitzRoy Media are in cahoots to develop a whole slew of new “Heathcliff” properties.  The first of these will be a DVD movie release…animated of course. 

But if that one does well, expect to see the kool kat on the big-screen in live-action form.

Me…I think it’d be cool if they did something other than make him a poorly animated CG cat. Maybe go the Roger Rabbit route or do something a little stylistic?

I know it won’t happen, but a guy can dream, right?


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