New G.I. Joe and Land of the Lost posters!

Posted on 27 May 2009 by Quaid

I decided to put these posters up together because the movies are so similar.  You know…both are overly campy adaptations of old properties meant to make you laugh at their absurdity.

Wait, G.I. Joe is supposed to be a serious action movie?  Too bad nobody told Stephen Somers.  

It looks like Land of the Lost has decided to market itself based on simplicity.  The poster says “this movie has Will Ferrell and a T-Rex in it,” and that’s basically all the moviegoing public needs to know.

Joe, on the other hand, wants to make itself look overloaded and full of overly cool gadgets and hot chicks.  Well, for good or bad, at least these movies are being honest in their marketing campaigns, right?

Check out the posters below.  Click for biggerness.


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