The Last Airbender stills underwhelm. Shyamalan’s at it again.

Posted on 22 May 2009 by Quaid

I do apologize for the cynicism upfront.  I sincerely mean that.  But after you’ve been kicked in the groin as hard as M. Night Shyamalan has kicked the moviegoing public, you start to get grumpy.

I like almost all of Shyamalan’s movies, but I noticed that each one got progressively more self-satisfied, heavy-handed, and masturbatory.  Then we got Lady in the Water…and the downright insulting “thriller” The Happening.

Really, I don’t know why anyone would hand this guy another movie without making jump through some SERIOUS hoops.  But M. Night is now directing The Last Airbender, a movie based on the popular Nickelodeon cartoon.

I’m guessing he is trying to do something more mainstream and action-oriented to wipe away the memory of his last couple of films.  I really wonder if he can pull it off, and these two very obvious, basic, paint-by-numbers stills don’t do anything to encourage me.  Take a look, courtesy of USA Today.  Click to make big.


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