Harry Potter 6 Featurette! Finally, something new…

Posted on 22 May 2009 by Quaid

After yesterday’s article, where I whined and bitched about the abundance of Harry Potter advertising and the lack of new stuff coming out, I am unceremoniously bitch-slapped by a new, interesting behind-the-scenes featurette.

And I am now officially excited for this movie again.  There are tons of new shots in here as well as producers and directors talking about the focus of the film.  This time they aren’t talking about how fun and funny the movie is…they’re talking about character, story, and tone, and it all sounds wonderful.

Despite the lackluster test screening feedback, I really feel like David Yates has nailed this one.  Only time will tell, but for the first time in a few months I’m actively excited about Harry Potter again.

Check out the behind-the-scenes featurette HERE.



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    Now it’s a long time when i didn’t see harry potter with my family. i think i have to move towards cinema a bit with my family to se a blasting movie like harry potter.

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