Zack Braff nabs the director’s chair for…Swingles?!

Posted on 21 May 2009 by Quaid

Yeah…the title sure does sound like a mix between a Cameron Crowe film and a Jon Favreau film. But this one won’t have Pearl Jam or Vegas. So sad.

zackbraffVariety tells us that Zack Braff, best known for his terribly long stint on the comedy “Scrubs,” has been tapped to re-write, direct, and star in a romantic (comedy?) film entitled Swingles.  I’m telling you, the man is a modern-day, emo Orson Welles.

The plot, based on an original screenplay by Duncan Birmingham, revolves around two platonic couplings who get split when one partner from each pair happens to fall in love, leaving the other alone, dejected, and without a friend.  

But don’t worry, the remaining boy and girl team up to help each other find romantic partners.  Even money they fall in love in the end.  

Cameron Diaz is attached to star.

This will be Braff’s first turn as director since 2004′s Garden State, a movie I used to love with all my heart until I started to grow more cynical and see its many flaws.  Still, the man showed great talent as a director the first time out, and I am looking forward to seeing what else he’s got up his sleeve.                           

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