It’s official: Harry Potter advertising is out of control.

Posted on 21 May 2009 by Quaid

I was debating today as to whether I wanted to put up the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince television spots.  As a fan, I am torn.  

hp1On one hand, I love Harry Potter immensely, and the movies are fantastic.  On the other hand, each new spot or trailer is almost identical to the last, making none of them news worthy.  

When the number of TV spots hit twelve (that’s right, twelve), I decided to put this article up.  

Think about that.  Twelve television spots, each one a variation on the last.  It’s just ridiculous, and out of control.  And no doubt effective.  (Check out the four newest ones HERE)

And when I went to see Terminator Salvation last night, I was hit with yet ANOTHER trailer.  So many shots were repeated that it took me over a minute to register that it was new…or at least I think it was (there was, however, one new shot of Malfoy that was very revealing).

There have been trailers for this movie coming out for what feels like years now.  The studio was pushing the film heavily before the release date got pushed back six months, and they never really stopped.  As much as I love Potter, I’m beginning to get HP fatigue with this one.

hp2Add to this the multiple, clone-like character one-sheets and posters, each one looking like the last as well as the ones for the previous film, and I am done with Harry Potter advertising.  

So why do this to us?  Simple…it works, and that depresses me.  With a movie that has such broad appeal, Warner Brothers wants to take NO chances by doing something outside the proven formula.  So we’re getting the same, drawn-out campaign we’ve had for five movies.  It’s down to a science, and that makes me sad…because there is really nothing coming out of the marketing department that gets me excited for this film–even though I’m sure it will be good.

But there is no mystery, no build-up, no sense of anticipation.

I’ll still see it opening night, and bitching really doesn’t accomplish anything.  The marketing will work, the fans will go, and everyone will enjoy the film.  Still, I thought maybe this was a point worth making.

Here are a FEW of the Harry Potter character posters.  See any similarities?


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