UPDATE: A trailer for DC Universe’s animated Superman/Batman: Public Enemies!!

Posted on 20 May 2009 by ShepRamsey

I was under the impression that this one was way out on the horizon, but apparently it’s much closer than I thought. A trailer for the DC Animated Universe’s next animated feature after their upcoming Green Lantern: First Flight has its very own teaser trailer! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

Frankly, this is a really badass trailer and while I’ve enjoyed everything that DC Universe has put out so far (especially the experimental Batman: Gotham Knight), this looks like it may well be the best so far. (Although I’ve yet to see Green Lantern, of course.)

There are many a recognizable face in this trailer, including a few of my personal favorites, Lex Luthor (how could he not be here?), Bane, and Solomon Grundy (born on a Monday).

It’s a pretty cool trailer! Check it out below!

UPDATE: As you can see, the YouTube video has been removed.  We will post a link, hopefully soon, to a legit version.



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  1. Quaid Says:

    This looks pretty awesome….It’s getting to the point where I’m looking forward to these animated films almost as much as the huge-budget live-action movies.

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