Who wants 19 seconds of A Christmas Carol??

Posted on 19 May 2009 by ShepRamsey

The other day we reported on a new teaser poster for Robert Zemeckis’s new motion-capture-animation venture, A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey. Now we have footage.

First today, we got this lovely little picture over to the left thatchristmas-carol-still you can take a better gander at by clicking upon its mighty surface. It’s the first official image of the animated version of Jim Carrey playing Ebenezer Scrooge and it’s actually not too shabby looking, in my humble opinion.

Then came a big, fancy 19-second clip from the film. Something about it looks a little grainy, a little choppy, maybe a little bit unfinished? But it’s kinda cool and kinda funny, either way. I think Carrey may turn out to have been a solid casting decision. But again–this is 19 seconds that we have to judge from. 

In it, we’re also getting a taste of who I think is Gary Oldman as Jacob Marley, although I’m having trouble making him out under all the…y’know…computer animation. (Carrey, oddly enough, is still pretty recognizable.)

Check it out below!


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