Captain Kirk is cast as Thor!! No, not THAT Kirk…

Posted on 16 May 2009 by Quaid

Quaid here with a not-so-little piece of casting information for the Kenneth Branagh directed Thor movie.

Home And AwaySeems the main guy has been cast, and you may have seen him helming a bigass starship…briefly.  According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Chris Hemsworth, the actor who portrayed George Kirk, James T.’s father, in the new Star Trek film, will be wielding the legendary hammer.

Hemsworth is also known for his long stint on the Australian television show Home and Away.  

The little I have seen of the man makes me think he has the acting chops to pull this off, but he isn’t what I expected, physically.  In the end, though, it’s about who can do the job best, and I trust Kenneth “I played Hamlet so suck it” Branagh’s judgement.


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