Who’s on Conan? These guys might know…

Posted on 13 May 2009 by Quaid

The madness surrounding the director’s chair has been out of control as of late. First, Brett Ratner was to helm the action reboot.  He dropped out, and everyone gave praise to whatever god they worship.

conan2Then the name game started. CHUD reported that the following names were contenders: James McTeigue, Neil Marshall and Christophe Gans.

Apparently they are also looking at the guy who directed the Texas Chainsaw and Friay the 13th reboots, Marcus Nispel.

Now, Latino Review is reporting, based on a “trusted source,” that the frontrunner for the project is one  Phil Joanou. 


The guy who directed The Gridiron Gang and State of Grace.

To this news I shrug my shoulders. There is really only one thing I know.  I want Ratner to stay away from this picture.  Not because I am so passionate about the material, though…I want Ratner to stay away from every picture.  

Anyway, food for thought.  I can’t really think of a “dream director” for this job…can you guys and gals?                           

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  1. Waldgeist Says:

    Yes.. Ridley Scott :) No one can photograph a picture like him and has a very dark, gritty approach to movies.

  2. Quaid Says:

    Ha…but he’s busy doing “Monopoly”….not sure if he’d stoop to doing Conan. I hope he casts Russell Crowe as the thimble though.

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