Sly Holds On For Dear Life: over-the-top Expendables pic!

Posted on 13 May 2009 by Quaid

If there was ever any doubt about what Sylvester Stallone was doing with this movie, this pic should wipe all doubt from your mind.

It’s a return to old-school, big budget action filmmaking.  With a cast that includes every badass that has existed over the last twenty years.

I am hoping that this movie will give me the giddy glee one can only get by watching insane gun battles, bulky men doing stunts, and cheesy one-liners.  For some weird reason, I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

I mean, just look at this still!  Nothing says “badass, old-school insanity” like an aging action star holding on for dear life, still looking like he will eat your spleen for dinner.  Thanks to AICN for this.



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