Terminator Salvation clip wants to sell some pizzas.

Posted on 11 May 2009 by Quaid

Call me crazy, but this clip impresses me less than some of the trailers coming out from this film.  Out-of-context, though, maybe I’m being a little too harsh.

Terminator Salvation: The Future BeginsOne thing is for sure.  This is the longest uninterrupted clip we have seen of the movie so far, and it gives you a good idea of the pacing and the way McG is going to direct action sequences.

But in order to watch it, you have to go to a Pizza Hut site.  What Terminator Salvation has to do with pepperoni and extra cheese I’ll never know, but there it is.

The clip is followed up with a fairly standard “making-of,” a lot of which I skimmed.  I don’t care about how you built the gas station; I wanna see machines blow things up, dammit!

Click HERE for the clip.                           

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  2. Juliette Says:

    What a clever collaboration between Pizza Hut and Warner Brothers/C2! Its definitely something the kids would love while stuffing their little faces full of pizza.
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  3. Jack Says:

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