Larry David as Woody Allen: Whatever Works trailer.

Posted on 10 May 2009 by Quaid

Last week we brought you the poster, now check out the trailer for the newest Woody Allen yuck-fest entitled Whatever Works.

whateverworks2So, it’s no secret that nearly every Woody Allen movie has a character in it with a very specific persona.  Most of the time Woody plays this role himself, but I’m a big fan of the few movies where he hands this neurotic, self-centered, witty role off to someone else.

Whether it was John Cusack in Bullets Over Broadway or Jason Biggs in Anything Else, each actor manages to bring a different spin to this familiar character.

And Larry David plus Woody’s signature character is a match made in heaven.  He brings a little more darkness, a little more cynicism, and a little more fun.  I really can’t wait for this film.

Check out the trailer HERE.                           

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