Star Trek rocks at the box office, takes in an estimated $33 million on opening day

Posted on 09 May 2009 by HansKlopek

Rarely have I been so happy to see a blockbuster do well.

chris-pineBig Hollywood has reported that the new Star Trek film, which opened on Thursday evening, took in $7 million on its opening night and another $26 million yesterday, putting it well on course to be the biggest Star Trek opener ever. That distinction was previously held by Star Trek: First Contact, which took in $30.7 million on its opening weekend back in 1996.

Dark Horizons projects that this opening will put the film’s weekend gross somewhere in the $70 million range. I have to say that I’m overjoyed, and I’m not used to saying that about big movies that studios sell like the cure for cancer. Good marketing strategy, good trailers, and a good approach to rebooting a franchise that is just as accessible to the un-initiated as it is to the hardcore fans. Good stuff, and Star Trek looks to be well on its way to a healthy gross.                           

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