Brett Ratner is off the Conan reboot–see, there is some justice in the world

Posted on 09 May 2009 by HansKlopek

I really don’t like Brett Ratner and it is nice to learn that others feel the same way.

ratnerJoe Gatta, the producer behind the upcoming Conan the Barbarian reboot, told Empire Magazine that Ratner is no longer going to direct the project. Gatta cited timing as the primary reason for Ratner being off the project. Even though the project still does not have a director, it is set to begin filming in August.

This, quite honestly, is music to my ears. Not that I care very much about Conan the Barbarian or any other barbarian for that matter, but it is nice to see folks in Hollywood focused in on how clueless Ratner is. I had respect for Red Dragon even though the ending is shit and X-Men: The Last Stand did exceed my expectations (they were so low that it wasn’t very hard), but anyone who does three Rush Hour movies and has the gall to put his name above the title of the third one, as if his involvement on the project will its box office salvation, is a douche. A big, fat, flaming douche.

Anyway, when we know who will be helming the Conan reboot, so will you….                           

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