Keanu Reeves as Dr. Jekyll…AND Mr. Hyde???

Posted on 08 May 2009 by Quaid

The range required to pull this off…I just don’t think Klatu’s got it in him.  

keanureevesDon’t get me wrong, I love Keanu.  When he is playing a slightly puzzled, fish-out-of water character he does great.  But there is just something about his face that keeps him from being able to disappear into a character.  

Here’s a quote from Latino Review.  I’m assuming they pulled it from the trades…

Universal is developing a modern retelling of the classic novella “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” with Keanu Reeves attached to star and Justin Haythe, writer of “Revolutionary Road,” penning the script.

Nicolas Winding Refn is in negotiations to direct the project, titled “Jekyll.” It is being produced by Erwin Stoff and Red Wagon Entertainment’s Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher.

Of all the reboots, I think “Jekyll” could most stand the “start-over” treatment.  We haven’t yet seen a stellar version (that I know of, anyway).  If Keanu is involved, though, I feel like it might be unintentionally funny.  Bring it on!                           

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