Larry David does Woody Allen: Whatever Works one-sheet!

Posted on 06 May 2009 by Quaid

Woody Allen is a supremely gifted filmmaker, it goes without saying.  But the speed with which the man cranks out material means that some of his projects get overlooked.

It’s a shame.  Even his least successful or affecting movies are more interesting than most of what Hollywood puts out.  Sure, for a while it seemed he was more interested in building a library of entries than focusing on any one film (to the point of using the same font in the same boring and tired credit sequence), but his recent endeavors, pulling him away from New York, have really been a breath of fresh air.

The idea of Larry David in a Woody Allen movie really gets me excited.  They have very similar comedic sensibilities, but there is a definite distinction.  Here’s hoping this one is a hybrid, and we get a film that is at once classic Woody and something unexpected.

Here is the one-sheet, courtesy of New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog.



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