The Love Child of not one, but TWO Sutherlands!

Posted on 04 May 2009 by ShepRamsey

Donald Sutherland and his other son who I’ve never heard of named Rossif Sutherland are set to star in Love Child, a romantic comedy.

Variety reportssutherlandmos_468x324 that the film will also star Rebecca Romijn and Sarah Roemer in a story about an ex-con on parole who finds himself getting into trouble again when a mean nasty loan shark reminds him of the large debt that he owes.

Like you, I’m not sure where the romantic comedy part is going to come into play, but I’m sure at some point he’ll carjack some beautiful girl who will hate and resist him at first and then succumb to his wily charms.

Oh, those Sutherlands! Shooting on the film has begun in Toronto and the film is being directed by Michael Melski.                           

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