J. J. Abrams still planning to adapt King’s “The Dark Tower!” But not until “Lost” is over…

Posted on 01 May 2009 by Quaid

J.J. Abrams has been very vocal for a while about being a huge Stephen King fan.  When he bought the rights to King’s epic “The Dark Tower” series, fanboys everywhere instantly orgasmed.

The movie never happened, and a lot of us became concerned that this one would be a film that would never really get made.

But every once in a while a glimmer of hope brings back the possibility of J.J. bringing this insanely epic post-apocalyptic, inter-dimensional Western to the screen.  Today, that source is Abrams himself–in an interview over at IGN.

“As soon as ‘Lost’ is done, hopefully we’ll begin tackling that.”

Sounds like we’re waiting on Mr. Lindelof, and why not?  Watching “Lost,” any King fan will see the striking similarity in material, what with weird dimension crossings etc.  I half expect “Lost” characters to start talking about thinnies and beams.  

If you aren’t a “Dark Tower” fan, that means nothing to you.  If you are a fan, maybe you’re half as excited as I am that this movie is still, apparently, getting made.                           

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