G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Trailer! Yawn…

Posted on 30 April 2009 by Quaid

This one was omitted from my Summer Movie Preview, partly because I didn’t really want to go into August.  But mostly because it looks bad.

I mean, isn’t one “check your brain at the door” action flick enough for the season?  Transformers 2 is going to be a whole helluva lot more fun and watchable than this, which looks like it might as well have been made 100% CGI…every time we see a soldier doing something cool, you know they’re fake.

I like campy movies…as long as they walk that fine line.  Director Stephen Sommers did it great with Deep Rising (see a review HERE), but has failed to strike that balance in any movie since.  He’s always jabbing me in the ribs just a little too much, saying “See!  See how goofy and cool it is??”

I know we’re supposed to keep an open mind until we see the films, and I would love to be proven wrong on this one, but these kind of movies are so clear and obvious from the word “go” that I feel I’ve already seen them months before release.

I feel like we’ve been down on this and Transformers in the past few days.  I apologize for the negativity.  But Star Trek comes out next week, so it’s hard to geek out about much else at the moment.

Here is the international trailer for G.I. Joe, with CGI people doing what only CGI people ever could…



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