Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas to return to Wall Street!!!

Posted on 28 April 2009 by Quaid

This story has been floating around the rumor mill for a long time, but today we get a confirmation that both major players will return.

gordongekkoThe Huffington Post reports that director Oliver Stone as well as star Michael Douglas will return to the planned sequel to the 1987 film Wall Street.  Douglas will be reprising his role of Gordon Gekko, a high-stakes stock trader who was brought down by the incomparable Charlie Sheen in the original film.

My gut says that this could be wildly interesting.  The first movie was about the corruption and greed of corporate America, and now that we are seeing the result of that irresponsibility, this new one could have something to say involving America’s economic turmoil.

I admit that Oliver Stone is a hit-or-miss director, but give him the right material and he can knock it out of the park.  When it comes to Wall Street, he already did so once.

UPDATE: Latino Review reports that Shia LeBouf might be involved with this one.  I say it should be a crossover between this and Transformers…where the money-grubbing Gekko makes a fortune marketing the giant robots…as TOYS! Trippy…

Yeah, that was bad.                           

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  1. Rick Gershman Says:

    Gotta love Oliver, tho… sure, he’s up and down. But when he hits, he hits big. When he misses, he misses big. No namby-pamby attempts to appease the lowest common denominator. I think this sounds fascinating… not to mention a long-overdue return to form (IMHO) for Douglas. I wince every time I see that Ghosts of Girlfriends Past commercial. Which means I wince about every 15 seconds.

    Rick Gershman

  2. Kung Fu Movie Lover Says:

    I’m very curious to see this film. As the years pass, I find myself enjoying the work of Oliver Stone more and more. Whats cool is that he might actually take on the political establishment and the fact that they’re bought and paid for by Wall Street power brokers.

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