Box-Office Brief: Audiences get Obsessed.

Posted on 26 April 2009 by Quaid

All right, it’s a lame headline.  I promise to do better next time.

obsessedposterThis weekend surprised just about everyone as Obsessed, the stalker/cheater sex thriller about office politics gone awry, beat all industry expectations and brought Sony and Screen Gems a whopping $28.5 million.  Most people expected around $15-$20 million, but I guess this goes to show that if you put lots of adrenaline-filled music, some naked women and a female-friendly home wrecker plot in your trailer, you can make bank.

Last week’s top earner, 17 Again, fell to the number two spot, dropping a respectable 51% to garner $11.7 million.  Maybe Zack Efron is too good for the Footloose remake, after all.

Fighting, which boasts a title less thoughtful than even the title of this article, dropped in at number three with $11.4 million, while the Robert Downey Jr. film The Soloist was a complete disappointment with $9.7 million.  This kind of movie usually comes out around Oscar season; a spring release probably means that Paramount and Dreamworks didn’t have too much faith in it.

earthposterRounding out the top five was the newcomer Earth.  It did pretty damn well for a nature documentary, pulling in $8.6 million for Disney.  You go, Earth.  Stick it to the man.

Monsters vs. Aliens came in at number six with $8.5 million.  The real news with this one is that, with a cume of $174.8 million, it looks like the 3D animated film might break the $200 million barrier.

State of Play dropped 51% in its second week to gross $6.9 million and nab the number six spot, while Hannah Montana: The Movie (another creative title) sucked $6.4 million from the wallets of teeniebopper parents nationwide and came in at number eight.

Spots nine and ten were reserved for dumb action fare aimed at teen males.  Fast and Furious grossed $6.1 million, while Crank: High Voltage pulled in a measly $2.4 million, bringing its total to a miserable $11.5 million.

My guess on the failure of Crank 2?  It was so dumb that even die-hard action fans thought it was ridiculous.   And I think a lot of them didn’t know that balls-out insanity and logic destruction was the point.                           

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