Bioshock on Hold! Gore Verbinski moving on to one of his other 5000 projects.

Posted on 25 April 2009 by Quaid

Looks like the Clue movie might get made sooner than we thought?  Well, Gore’s got to do something now that Bioshock isn’t happening for a while.

bioshock1That’s right, the popular video game adaptation, which was supposed to be directed by the Pirates of the Caribbean guy, has been pulled to a stand-still by Universal.  Their reasoning?  It’s going to cost too much money.

How much is too much?  About $160 million, say the trades.  Gore and Universal are currently trying to figure out ways to cut costs, including changing shooting locations.  But since the movie takes place in an underwater city, I’d assume the special effects bill is one of the biggest factors.

A few people have been laid off from the project…which isn’t a good sign.  But everyone involved assures us they are dedicated to getting this movie back on the fast track.

Let’s hope.  An underwater horror/action flick by Verbinski could be kinda great.                           

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