Young, shirtless, brooding men. See New Moon‘s Wolf Pack!

Posted on 22 April 2009 by Quaid

If you loved Twilight…well, you probably hate us for the bad things we’ve said and refuse to visit this site.  Still, the movie is an “event film,” and this is certainly news worthy.

Because it’s hot young guys without shirts.  And I’m pretty sure they are werewolves.  

USA Today has your exclusive first look at the “Wolf Pack” in the new Twilight Saga movie, New Moon.  I won’t bother to run through all the names and their parts and all the boring stuff.  Instead I’ll give all you female (and male) readers a chance to see the glowing skin, chiseled features and monstrous pectoral muscles of these oh-so-underage werewolves.

And they have tasteful tattoos, meaning they’re “bad boys” but not in a gross way.  Moms, keep your teenagers on the leash.  Your innocent little girl is experiencing a sexual awakening.

Here is the pic…



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