Wanna see a guy killing alien abductees? Dark Castle thinks so.

Posted on 21 April 2009 by Quaid

Dark Castle is set to adapt “The Nye Incidents,” a graphic novel by Whitley Streiber.

nyeincidentsThe plot of the novel follows a medical examiner hunting down a killer of alien abductees.  Honestly, this is a really interesting little spin on your typical horror serial killer movie.  And most interestingly?  The novel is “inspired by actual events.”

This is an interesting choice, especially for a company that was originally set up specifically to adapt William Castle horror flicks.  I guess that mission ran its course.  

Todd Lincoln of Hack/Slash fame is directing while Joel Silver is one of a slew of producers.

Honestly, this could go either way.  I really kinda dug House on Haunted Hill, but the studio has been spotty at best since then.  The concept has potential, though.  I love me some aliens.                           

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  1. ParryOtter Says:

    This could be really cool. Streiber is a fascinating and slightly crazy dude. I read Communion and although it’s nonfiction, it has a really creepy tone and some haunting descriptions. He’s written plenty of horror too, so hopefully this will be a great mix of the two…

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