Ron Howard shows us around the Vatican! New Angels and Demons featurette.

Posted on 20 April 2009 by Quaid

I wasn’t a fan of The DaVinci Code, and I can’t say I’m really looking forward to the follow-up/prequel Angels and Demons.

What I do enjoy, though, is the sense of history, mystery, and reality that lurks behind the overly dramatic and laughable logic of the movies.  DaVinci is fascinating as an artist, inventor and historical figure.  The Vatican, too, is steeped in legend, lore, and an insanely interesting set of customs and history.

So even though I’m not really going to be first in line for the movie, I kind of enjoy these featurettes that Sony is putting out to promote the film.  These videos don’t go into too much depth about the history of the Church (which is a shame), but they’re fun little informative distractions nonetheless.  Take a look.

The embed is being a little stubborn. You can go HERE to watch it.



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  1. WiseFlickGuy Says:

    I heard that they had to send in “tourists” to take thousands of pictures in order to recreate the Vatican, since they were banned from filming there.

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