Sony Builds a Man Cave. Tim Allen should sue.

Posted on 17 April 2009 by Quaid

Sony Pictures has acquired the comedy spec script Man Cave, written by Jacob Isser and Paul Lutz.

tooltimeThe story, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “follows a suburban husband and father going through a midlife crisis who discovers a mysterious man-cave in his basement. The fantasy world provides his version of the perfect life, which ultimately gets called into question.”

Joe Roth, producer of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, will produce.

Now, call me crazy, but doesn’t this sound like it belongs in an old episode of “Home Improvement?”  I mean, they had the “Man Bathroom” and the “Man Kitchen,” isn’t the “Man Cave” just all those things wrapped into one?

Ooh, maybe Tim Allen will star as the mid-life crisis-ridden main character?  And he can bring back the Man Laugh from the world of “Tool Time!”

The possibilities are endless!

I’m getting so…excited.                           

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  1. Kathrin Climes Says:

    ¡Wow! Gracias! Siempre quise escribir en mi sitio algo así. ¿Puedo tomar parte de tu post en mi blog?

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