Good God…a “Father Knows Best” movie??

Posted on 17 April 2009 by Quaid

Never underestimate the ability of Hollywood to reach into your Grandmother’s childhood and destroy it via a needless adaptation.

fatherknowsbestThat’s right, folks.  According to Variety, Fox (who else) is gearing up to turn the sitcom “Father Knows Best” into a contemporary feature film.  The plot is about a father…and HIS father…living together.  They argue about…get this…WHICH father knows best!!!

Oh, goodness.  Sometimes these Hollywood types.  They just pull out all the comedic stops.

Now, I’m not saying this movie will necessarily be bad, but it isn’t promising.  I think producers come up with the most obvious, bankable idea and then, more often than not, hire people who have to take their idiotic ramblings, devoid of any real merit, and spin them into something audiences can watch for an hour and a half without wanting to rip their eyes out.

God bless the writers polishing this turd of an idea.  I wish them luck.  Their names are Chad and Dara Creasey (“Pushing Daisies,” TV’s unfairly cancelled “Studio 6o”).  Gary Foster will produce.                           

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