Eli Roth makes a Monster Movie. God help us all.

Posted on 16 April 2009 by Quaid

I am not an Eli Roth fan.  Hostel was bad.  Very bad.  Don’t believe me?  Go look at Wolf Creek and tell me it’s not superior in every way.

elirothSo now we get the news from MTV that Eli is making two movies, back to back.  And the first will be a big, $80 million movie with “lots of destruction.”

Roth:  ”I wanted to do something along the lines of Transformers or Cloverfield that was a little more science fiction-based.”

Hmmm…will there be hot chicks taking off their gear?  Most likely.  Dumb teenage characters?  Most likely…

Is it Cloverfield 2??? (just kidding)

Then, Roth is still planning to make a feature version of his (admittedly funny) Grindhouse trailer, Thanksgiving.  Basically it’s Halloween but with the killer dressed as a pilgrim and set on the November holiday.  It feels a bit needless, honestly.  The trailer was funny, but a whole movie?

Sometimes Hollywood makes it really hard (impossible) to reserve judgement.                           

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  1. ShepRamsey Says:

    If you think Hostel was bad, try sitting through Hostel 2. Absolutely atrocious. I did like Cabin Fever, though. It knew what it was and was pretty strange and funny.

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