42 Seconds of Inglourious Basterds hits the internet! And how epic it is!

Posted on 15 April 2009 by ShepRamsey

Hey friends, Shep here with a brief little something from Quentin Tarantino’s massively anticipated new film, Inglourious Basterds.

Seems a little bit of trailer-worthy footage/behind-the-scenes shenanigans aired during Fox’s “American Idol” last night and wouldn’t ya know it? Now it’s on this here internet.

Doesn’t show much except for Tarantino trying to get his posse all riled up and Brad Pitt saying cool lines like “We’re in the Nazi-killin’ business and business is good.” The music gets loud and epic and daring as machine guns pitter-patter away and a lot of people look full of vim and vigor and aggression. Oh and we even get to see a bit of Mike Myers’s performance.

Aw, hell. Just watch it for yourself.


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