More on Ghostbusters 4: Aykroyd lets loose details

Posted on 14 April 2009 by HansKlopek

Hans back with some info on Ghostbusters 3 courtesy of Latino Review. Dan Aykroyd, who has been laboring to get the film off the ground and get his old Ghostbuster comrades on board, let loose a few details about the direction the film will take.

ghostbusters-31There has been speculation as to whether or not Sigourney Weaver will be on board for the new film. Aykroyd said he is confident that they will be able to coax her in, and in discussing casting, gave other hints as to the direction the film will take. He said “there will be a whole new generation that has to be trained, and that whole new generation will be led by an individual who you’ll all love when you meet him but I’m not going to tell you anything yet.”

So we’re going to have a training film where the Ghostbusters impart their knowledge to a new generation of paranormal lawmen? For shizzle. Aykroyd also said that “they’ll be lots of cadets, boys and girls, who’ll be learning how to use the psychotron, the accelerators and all the new stuff.”

I get the distinct feeling that Dan is blowing smoke, but in considering it, a film where the old Ghostbuster impart their knowledge to a new group of youngsters could be pretty funny, depending on who plays the youngsters. Harold Ramis has already directed Michael Cera in Year One, so maybe they could coax him aboard if the film ever gets off the ground. That has always been a question mark, as the film is still set at a tenuous 2012 release date. This could be cool though.                           

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