Hold your breath: News on Bourne 4

Posted on 14 April 2009 by HansKlopek

Good news for all you Bourne fanatics: we have some info on part 4.

bourne-image1Producer Frank Marshall announced via Twitter yesterday that Bourne 4 will be penned by none other than George Nolfi. Who the fuck is George Nolfi? He’s the guy who wrote the really convoluted but kind of amusing Ocean’s Twelve. He also penned the not that great Michael Douglas as a rogue secret service agent action flick The Sentinel.

Marshall has commented that he would like to see Bourne go to South America in this one. Why? I guess because he’s ripped up most of Europe and he feels the need to relocate to another continent. I myself am not much of a Bourne fan, but it is possible that that could change. I think Nolfi has talent, though I am sad to see that Tony Gilroy outgrew these movies. From what I’ve seen of them, he has done a good job.                           

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