Knowing The End: Why Nick Cage’s movie freaked me out.

Posted on 07 April 2009 by Quaid

A couple of weeks ago, I did a review for the Nick Cage thriller Knowing.  You can find that HERE.  At that time, I wanted to provide a fairly spoiler-free take on the movie, but there were so many interesting elements of the film that I wanted to explore which would spoil the film for the uninitiated.  I decided to revisit the movie later; the time has come.

knowingI should make two things clear from the get go.  First off, this is NOT a review.  I am not discussing the artistic merits of the film but the nature of its themes and basic premise.  I will point out a few plot holes, but that’s as far as we’ll go with the criticism.  Second, this is a highly spoilerific article.  Reader beware.  All right, enough with the clarification.  Let’s get to it.

The end of the world.  We’ve been predicting it as a civilization since the dawn of man, it seems.  ”The End is Nigh” is always on someone’s lips, and usually that person is pushing an agenda.  And when Hollywood caught wind of the inherent drama of the threat of Earth’s destruction, movies got made about it.

Usually we blew ourselves up like in Planet of the Apes and The Time Machine.  Other times we came to the brink of destruction by an alien race but were saved, a la Independence Day or The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Watching Knowing, though, there was something different.  It affected me in a way that other “end-of-the-world” cinema didn’t.  And I attribute this to a few factors.  

First, the movie posits that the end is not just nigh, it is inevitable.  Once the nature of our destruction is discovered, it becomes clear that there is no way to stop it.  We didn’t bring about our own demise; it was planned by nature in an unchanging way before the first human ever stood upright.

Second, it focused on death and the characters’ abilities to deal with death and the inevitable end.  Mass riots happened in the movie, as they would in real life, but the only real drama left once we know that the world is ending comes from the six inches between the characters’ ears.  The decisions they make are chilling and telling.

And third–the thing that is most frightening about this film–its science, while stretched to the level of absurdity, falls eerily in line with a cosmic event in our near future.  An event predicted by the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar as well as Nasa scientists.

Let’s take these one at a time…

First, inevitability.  In this film, we spend a large chunk of the movie on a very traditional and hackneyed thrill-ride toward discovering mysteries, presumably to stop the end of the world.  Once the revelation comes of how the world is to end, though, we realize that there is no stopping it.  There is no escaping it.  There is no surviving it.  Everyone on the face of the earth will die because of a cosmic event that cannot be controlled.  There is no digging into the space rock and blowing it up…this event is much bigger than us, and puts humanity’s size and effect on the universe  into perfect perspective.

knowingdeterminismThere is a scene earlier in the movie that, while it was playing, I hated.  In it, Nick Cage talks about determinism and how every variable had to be in perfect alignment in order to put the earth at the perfect distance from the sun with the perfect elements in play in order to sustain life.  The first time I watched it, I thought it was just a silly and obvious “does God have a plan” scene, and it is that, but it’s also more.  It is setting up how fragile our ecosystem is.  And not just to nukes or global warming, but to celestial events.  Sunspots really do interrupt satellite communication, and galaxies really do have a tendency to collide with one another.  If any one of a billion freak natural happenings occurs within our galaxy or solar system, the necessary ingredients for life are interrupted and it’s goodbye humans.

This isn’t just a possibility.  It’s an inevitability.   Barring all this happening, the universe will eventually lose all kinetic energy and return to a gaseous state before collapsing in on itself.  By then, mankind will be dead as will all other life.  It’s going to happen.  At some point in human history, the events of this film will occur in one way or another.

So when the film explains this inevitability, all the silly thriller elements serve only to take us aback as an audience.  I thought he was supposed to figure out the code and save humanity?!?!?  Not in this movie.  And because of that, the film takes on a chilling sense of realism.

Second, we focus on individuals’ responses to this impending doom.  I still say that the last few minutes of the movie, with Nick driving down the empty road to rejoin his family and the ensuing destruction, are some of the most haunting things I’ve seen in a movie in a long while.  Your death is going to happen, it will be meaningless, and nobody will be left to weep for you.  Seeing a group of characters make split-second decisions about what to do with that piece of information is telling.  

In the end, Cage’s character believes in God.  But I, as an audience member, have to ask the question: Does he believe in God because it is true to him?  Or because, at this late stage in the game, there is no reason to subscribe to the alternative?  They call religion the opiate of the masses, and when the end comes I don’t know that I’d mind being doped out of my mind.  It instantaneously (to me at least) brings up very simple but deep questions of morality, spirituality, and religion.

Third, this movie is affecting because of the time it’s coming out.  Roland Emmerich is making a movie about the ominous coincidences and “prophecies” surrounding the year 2012, but I get the feeling that this movie hits the nail on the head more than the other film ever will.  Because this is all about unchangeable cosmic occurrences.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happens on December 21, 2012.  First, it is the end of the Mayan calendar.  Many have disputed what this means.  It could be the end of one period and the beginning of another.  It could mean (far-fetched though it seems) the beginning of a new state of human consciousness.  It could mean the Mayans were smart and just happened to decide their calendar would end on a very celestially significant day.  Or it could be a prediction of the end of the world.

galacticalignmentForgetting the Mayans for a second, this is definitely an important cosmic day–at exactly 11:11 GMT, The Galactic alignment will occur–that is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator (the center of the Milky Way Galaxy).  This happens only once every 26,000 years, and the Mayans predicted it.  Couple this with NASA’s prediction that 2012 will be a height of solar activity (sunspots) and you get a very creepy Knowing vibe.  NASA even published a report (do your own research HERE) that predicted serious fallout from the coming solar storms.  ”Many forecasters believe Solar Cycle 24 will be big and intense. Peaking in 2011 or 2012, the cycle to come could have significant impacts on telecommunications, air traffic, power grids and GPS systems.”

Am I arguing that the world will end?  Absolutely not.  I am admitting, though, that this information makes me a little uneasy.  And when I saw what Knowing was doing with it, I was affected.  It won’t be a massive “super-flare” burn out that kills us all, most likely, but there is a (very loose) basis in reality in the film that reminded me of these upcoming events.

All of these things come together to create a cinematic ending that one would have to call “ballsy.”  This movie aims to show you the end of the world, and it does it in a very fatalistic way that makes a viewer (and the unstoppable Nick Cage himself) feel helpless.

I had meant this article, at the start, to be a greater exploration of the themes of Knowing, but I feel like I’m running long.  I will say a couple more things and then leave this movie be for a while.

knowing-endingThe film’s hope lies in the salvation of the children, arriving at the tree of life in the new garden of eden.  There is a feeling that inevitability and rebirth can also provide structure and comfort.  This is how life began, and how it will begin again–an endless cycle being controlled by a higher power, whether that be God, aliens, or some yet undiscovered entity.  These beings have predicted every event during the course of human existence.  Every disaster, no matter how big or small.  And the placement of perfectly polished rocks (from the landing site at the end of the movie) serves as more of a thematic element than a plausible plot thread.  What it says, then, is “we knew all this would happen.  Every bit of it.  And there is no other way it could have happened.  Take comfort in that.”

I could go into a philosophical discourse on the merits of determinism vs. free will, but we’ll save that for another time.

Still, I am not arguing that this is at all a “great” movie.  The plot holes are wide (why not just put all this information in a letter or recurring dream instead of creating a thriller-like mystery, Mr. aliens?).  The plot is contrived, and the movie plays toward genre convention much more than it should.  

I feel like the filmmakers are doing all this–making so much of the movie predictable and palatable–so that they can get away with the ending they have created.  Give the marketing department something to sell; the last ten minutes belong to the filmmakers.

People will (and have) walk out of this movie hating it.  But I doubt too many people will leave the theater without something to chew on mentally or emotionally.  In the end, that’s the kind of movie I most love.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or overly cerebral, it just has to swing for the fences.                           

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  1. ShepRamsey Says:

    Well. You just scared the shit out of me. Thanks.

  2. Mahgii Says:

    I just finished this movie (online!) like 10 minutes ago, and I just finished reading your post on this movie.

    I agree, this movie was definitely something to think about. I will admit that the movie was slow in the beginning, but in some way, it connects to our everyday-life.

    I also have read about the whole Mayan calender thing in 2012… Part of me doesn’t believe it, but part of me does… After all, why would people randomly make up some date at such a specific time?

    It’s something to think about, heh.

    Thanks for this post! :D

  3. ricky Says:

    you just scared the sit out of me more after the movie i as like :-( scared after it and reading your post now i am sooo scared i am shaking thanks a lot xD

  4. Ted Says:


  5. tyler Says:

    nice post…. I totally agree with u on the breakdown of the movie… It was THE movie that has left me thinking the most about my life and not the movie itself… I do belive in god and nomatter how we end,,, on judgement day (movie may have refered to it with the picture of god idk) or by some unforseen event that we can not control, we will start over.

    And yes the movie did scare the living sh@@ out of me

  6. lillie Says:

    you just scared all the living shit outa me. XD

  7. Says:

    I kinda always knew that the end is nigh. However nigh that is, I firmly believe that mankind destruction would not be caused solely by nature or any galactic event in the first place. Solar wind will be extreme during the galactic alignment. Our earth will receive more heat than it ever did in the history. As the heat increases, electronic malfunctions occur everywhere, unexpectedly trigger anomalies in all nuclear arsenals around the world. There’s a new kind of heat wave which will cause and accelerate unstability of protons and neutrons inside everything under the sun. As in nuclear case, all warheads will go off, sweeping off two thirds of the world population both through direct and indirect impact. Radiation clouds will cover the entire at atmosphere, rendering every inch of soil on earth unusable. Mass riots will come next… and so on, so forth.
    The bottom line is, before nature destroys the whole mankind, mankind will have destroyed themselves. Too sad. Too bad.

  8. abe Says:

    Thank you, you touched on much that I found unsettling about the movie.

  9. Billy Says:

    I’m pretty sure the wolrd won’t end in 2012, do you know there are 48 doomsdays predicted in a year? so nothing to worry about to be honest cause the world could end tomorrow.

  10. Michael Says:

    As stated in the article the end of everything comes at some point, such is the nature of life cycles. However, and abrupt end to everything is highly unlikely. Reddal is expecting massive nuclear detonation in 2012, but I find it highly unlikely that scientists have not already considered the impact of the expected hightened solar activity in -12, and are prepared for it. As for the Mayan ‘prophecy’, it’s probably the most misunderstood ‘doomsday scenario’ of them all. The Mayan’s didnt predict the end of the world, they created a calendar based on predictable mathematicl, astrological observations. Mankind today ALSO uses a calendar based on similar principles. Ours ends every 12 month cycle. The Mayans’ happened to have a possible end on 12/21/12. The difference is every 12/31/–, we dont predict the end of the world, we buy a new calendar. Also, its not even 100% accurate that the Mayan calendar ends in -12. Its design allows for certain interpretations that call into question the ‘end date’. Was it an amazingly brilliant time keeping method? Absoultely. The only truly ‘eerie’ aspect of the Mayan calendar doesnt lay in it’s end date, but in its mathematical exactness, coming from a people who worked without the benefit of modern technologies. If interpreted to end on the 12/21 solistice, as noted in the article, it only speaks to the further astonishing accuracy the Mayans had in being able to interpret astrological events through the use of their mathematical accumen. The end to their calendar would be merely a hyper accurate prediction of a natural sun cycle change, which has happened at other times in history without incinerating the planet. And it couldnt come at a better time. The layers of protection above earth are predicted to be in a unique state that should help shield the Earth from the brunt of the cosmic activity. Will our fancy GPS and Blackberrys go whacko for a bit? Possibly. And maybe some people see THAT as ‘the end of the world’ who knows. At this time, however, it appears highly unlikely that it will mean the end of life.

    No folks, sadly we wont get out of this that easily. It remains in humanity’s power for now whether or not WE choose to destroy ourselves. The planet will be just fine for a long time to come. The Earth will be here long after we’re all gone, or departed for parts unknown on the wings of fantasy technology. The Earth has withstood countles millions of years of all kinds of cosmic disasters and proved to be remarkably resilient. Our time here will not markedly change it or destroy it. All we can do, or more to the point hope NOT to do, is destroy ourselves through our own egos and prejudices.

  11. Michael Says:

    Oh, and, yeah, I liked the movie. Was good mental candy, and held my interest. Like it or hate it, it will at the very least cause you to pause for a moment and consider your own mortality.

  12. Charlie Says:

    This movie really made an impression on me! And I loved it, I sat with my mouth open in the end.

  13. Cally Says:

    Yesterday on a flight home to Colorado from Florida the couple next to me were watching a movie on their laptop. I just saw a glimpse of it (strangely enough, it was the lecture scene that you referred to in your review, Quaid) and it caught my interest. I didn’t know the name of the movie, so I googled (Nicolas Cage chaos theory) and found the movie and your review. I will probably still try to get the movie on Netflix, even though there won’t be many surprises left after reading all of this.

    I find it all very fascinating and yes, it can be frightening as well. But when you look at it from the Buddhist perspective of impermanence (I’m a philosophical, not religious, Buddhist) the universe mirrors our own existence (and vice versa). From the cellular level to the cosmic level, the cycle continues. We don’t know when our last day as an individual will be. The thing that scares me is the possibility of mass negative human reaction to a known, or predicted, end. (riots and other forms of human nastiness) The best that I can hope for is continued evolution of the human mind/spirit so that when the end comes, we’ll get it right this time around. (calmness, compassion, thankfulness, curiosity)

    One piece of the big bang puzzle that baffles me is the role of consciousness. Did it exist before all of this star dust came together to eventually form our planet and its people? Since life does seem to move toward growth rather than random breakdown, I tend to believe that whatever consciousness or intelligence is (god, higher power, wisdom) it did exist before this cycle of events and will continue for the next one.

    As a cancer survior, I have already had the benefit of being reminded that this lifetime is limited, but I tend to forget that at times and I worry too much about things outside of my control and put off important conversations and experiences. I try to start my day with the question “What would I do today if I knew it were my last?” and go to bed being able to say “That was a day well spent.”

    For more mental candy I highly recommend Bill Bryson’s book “A Short History of Nearly Everything”.

    Enjoy the ride, take care of the vehicle and be nice to the people you meet along the way.

  14. DarkOmen53 Says:

    The part I hated the most is how far humanity has gotten in life and yet everything just started over and for what reason? A test on humans and what we can accoplish? Extraterrestrial beings saving the human race from extiction using highly advanced technology??

    Seeing the very ending made me watch to jump in their and just scream to them to NOT eat from the tree of good and evil(as sayed in the bible where we are “shown” the truth and thus the first sin) and maybe then next time humanity won’t be as corupted.

  15. MacViolinist Says:

    I’ll second Cally’s rec at the end of her post. I recently picked up Bryson’s book. Great read. It’s a good look at a lot of issues that are commonly popularized and polarized by people with an agenda. Bryson cuts out all that pap and looks at the science behind everything.

  16. Quaid Says:

    “Enjoy the ride, take care of the vehicle and be nice to the people you meet along the way.”

    I might have a new life philosophy.

  17. Sneakyness Says:

    I couldn’t agree with this post more. I got the same vibes from all of this, and it’s just too many coincidences at the same time.

    All I really have to say are two things, just to be safe.
    1. The week beforehand will be spent partying with the people I care about most


    2. If shit goes bad, I’m going looting

  18. Marketing_Secret_Sauce Says:

    I was def freaked out. I liked the movie though. I love the symbolism at the end.

  19. 27/5 27/5 27/5 Says:

    make a date in your calender

  20. Debbie Says:

    I just saw the movie last night, I loved it and it did not scare me cause, its all so true how higher beings are trying to warn us that we humans are destroying the world every day, the government is part of it and we are little puppets doing what they say, killing each other and living full of hate, instead of loving each other and helping our own race. White light beings are here in our planet trying to help, as well as other extraterrestrial beings that the government is covering up. The world is so ugly it has to end and start all over again.

  21. HansKlopek Says:

    I rented this last night and was really surprised at how moving it was. You said it right. It really does swing for the fences in a really ambitious way. Existential sci-fi is the way to go. It feels like a profound companion piece to The Fountain.

  22. John Says:

    Well I just watched this last night and the end made me think of what other peoples opinions might be so it drew me to google and I found this place. I must say though, those men in black in the movie right from the beginning reminded me of the reports of people seeing men in black in reality, which of course had the craptastic spin-off film with Will Smith which in no way depicts the eerie stories from people about the sightings of men in black. The movie also reminded me about the predictions people have been making about 2012.

  23. Daniel Says:

    I found it interesting at first ramping up with my most irrational fear (the airliner out of nowhere crashing, yikes) but when they showed the biblical drawing of Ezekiels Wheel it was like pouring cold water down my back. Baptist Sunday School begat Catholic cat-a-kis-em classes and the wheel I remember visually, eventually understanding what it represented: a space ship. The mystery of the stones was explained by the indigo kid Boris from Russia: they’re souls. I don’t care that most reviewers panned this movie, considering the crap that goes for “entertainment”. I rarely buy dvds of movies I like. I’m ordering this.

  24. R Says:

    I just watched this movie tonight and it freaked the shit outta me! And reading your article doesn’t help, with the whole Maya Calendar and everything, although you raise some pretty good points about the movie.

    This is one that is going to leave me thinking for quite a while. I’m not forgetting this one anytime soon.

    Oh, and for those of you who watched it, am I the only one that bawled like a baby when Nick said goodbye to his son in the movie? So sad!

  25. savehisword Says:

    listen. I couldnt read all the posts as I got irrate just reading the report, first in the bible if u read itm you would not have to read much farther then genesis which is the first flippin chapter in the old test, is the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE!!! not the TREE OF LIFE….. I mean WTF? This movie was sooooo about scientology and a completly shadowed dogma using pharsing “bible” truth referencing to hinder any self judgment creating an almost dispicable vision for endoctrinating an already growing non believing populus. Try reading the bible, then the coran, maybe the dianetics book then you will find for yourself just how off the line this movie is. do not allow this kind of propaganda bear false witness on you my brothers and sisters!

  26. Markus K. Says:

    I have to say that for special effects wise, it was great….and that’s all. The story was too much Nostradamus and the bible which I do not believe in (much less ANY religion) to take seriously. Think of it- Aliens telepathically communicate with only (as far as the movie indicates) children, telling them about the end and that THEY are the chosen few to survive. Predictions that span fifty years, placed on a paper locked in a capsule never to be seen until the very moment that it’s all too late to do anything to save anyone. The questions I pose is this- Why children? Why only fifty years? Why not communicate with EVERYONE about one hundred or even just seventy five years before the end to prepare the populous for what’s coming? If aliens can SEE what is going to happen in fifty or more years, why not show up with ships to help evacuate the planet?

    Of course, I know the response would PROBABLY be “everything has a purpose, a beginning and a end” and I half agree to that. All things die, all things cease to exist and the world moves and goes on. But the whole ‘purpose’ belief goes right up there with Nicholas Cage’s line of “mutations and random accidents” which is(and I will state that this is MY point of view) STUPID. WHY do humans need to have a purpose to exist? I look at life as ‘we’re born into the world, live in the world and then we die….nothing more.’ The world was here LONG before we existed, and will be here LONG afterwards. I DO NOT support the message in this movie any more than I support the bible, Nostradamus or time-travel. Granted, I entertain the concept of these fictional stories because I’m writing a vampire novel, and I LOVE the all the little details of what would happen if one traveled through time, but I DO NOT believe that it’s true. Because I KNOW (in terms of time travel) the first idiot to discover it would go back in time, step on something important and then POW!!! we cease to exist.

    Well, thank you for letting me express my thoughts and beliefs on the story behind this movie. I do believe in one true thing- The POWER of man, and ALL of what he can accomplish IF he wanted to. To see each individual person as HUMANS than man, woman, young, old, black, white and needing the belief of ANY God and/or Gods to exist. To believe that there are more things that we have in common (eyes, nose, hair, fingers, toes, etc.) than what is different. If we do, then we’ll stop KILLING each other over STUPID reasons, and start working together as a HUMAN RACE.

  27. Guy Thomas Says:

    i really like this movie, i mean it was perfect but the ending was so profound that it made it impossible to sleep because i kept thinking about it. i did not, however, like the fact that our fate was decided by blonde Germen super models who turned into alien/angels. I thought that was kind of ridiculous, but everything else seem pretty interesting and maybe on some level believable. i am interested to see the movie 2012 when it comes out, i find it funny that the producers of that movie didn’t release it on 21 dec 2012 (the predicted end of the world) but come on people wasn’t the end of the world predicted for the year 2000? i mean shouldn’t we wait for a few more years before another apocalyptic prediction?

  28. Abir Says:

    This movie and your article really left me thinking what it would be like if it really was the end of the world. What would the last day on earth feel like.

  29. G-Men Says:

    I enjoyed your post but I do not believe the world will come to an end in 2012. Isnt it possible the Mayans just stopped their calendar at 2012..they had to stop it sometime.

  30. AnimeMangafan6 Says:

    I only have this to say. The end of the world has been predicted into the future many times and failed. False prophets claiming it is nigh! More over scientist who think their God but they’re not! Put it this way Markus K. The Bible said that Jesus will come and save us before that happens. Now, I think it is a sad way to go if u feel the way i fell right now u would feel my pain. Plus i know how “powerful” man is! If man were powerful why is this all happening. I mean we just can’t create our own study and say this how the world was created. I mean i already knew this for a while and i and still like whoa. But one thing is that is why it is called the word of God, not the word of man. The truth is why most people don’t believe in the Bible is because of the different religions all over the world. People are like why should i anyone of these religions could be the right one and get confused. All religions came from one religion the belief in one God. The reason people are scared because they don’t wanna cease to exist forever by some unstoppable force. That’s why i am scared. I realize it all know clearly. Faith is Faith and God is Faith. Just hope. No man knows the day or hour the end will come! People can predict all they want. I’m not gonna lie i’m a little off guard to when i first heard this like 2 years ago about”2012″ We just can’t assume so much and come to our own conclusions! I’m not trying to preach so don’t get mad i just ant everyone to understand, Ok. P.s. I still crapped my pants when i first heard about 2012!

  31. Quiet Observer Says:

    Similary, I don’t think they stopped on this date because they thought it was the end of the world but I think it may have had something to do more with the fact that whatever method they were using to read the stars and calculate the date was no longer applicable after 2012. Meaning, from the point of the aligning of the sun to the galactic equator and thereafter, the previous methods did not work and may have been impossible to know what would. But this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world (no more than Y2K).

  32. Scientia Est Potentia Says:

    Great movie and interesting interpretation of the underlying themes. The film maker certainly did a good job of captivating an audience and utilizing a controversial topic (religion/doomsday/faith) to instill thought at the end of the film. However, this is all it simply is… a fiction piece of work. None of this has scientific merit. It does a good job of mind f**king the viewer to the point where we question our morality, our being, our purpose and also the potential existence of a higher being. Besides that, I think viewers are reading into it too much

  33. ... Says:

    After watching this movie a few days ago, I just *had* to google “Knowing plot holes.” This movie was simply terrible and I can’t believe all the comments on here saying it was good. The plot was weak, acting bad, character development was poor, and special effects were terrible. The plot holes annoyed the shit out of me, and at one point Nicolas Cage was STANDING in CGI fire and did not react at all.

    And I have to address the comments about 2012. The whole “earth will end in 2012″ thing is ridiculous, and stems from a misunderstanding of the Mayan calendar. They had cycles, kind of like we do. A cycle would end and a new one begin. For us, we have 12 months, and then we start back over again in January. The world isn’t going to end in 2012 people. Stop freaking yourselves out over this nonsense. Also, please get better taste in movies.

  34. Ed Says:


    {December 13th, 2009 at 11:24 pm
    After watching this movie a few days ago, I just *had* to google “Knowing plot holes.” This movie was simply terrible and I can’t believe all the comments on here saying it was good. The plot was weak, acting bad, character development was poor, and special effects were terrible. The plot holes annoyed the shit out of me, and at one point Nicolas Cage was STANDING in CGI fire and did not react at all.

    And I have to address the comments about 2012. The whole “earth will end in 2012? thing is ridiculous, and stems from a misunderstanding of the Mayan calendar. They had cycles, kind of like we do. A cycle would end and a new one begin. For us, we have 12 months, and then we start back over again in January. The world isn’t going to end in 2012 people. Stop freaking yourselves out over this nonsense. Also, please get better taste in movies.}

    Calm down dude/dudette, it was a movie, not a National Geographic account of reality. I enjoyed the movie becuse it was entertaining. I would also enjoy to learn your opinion of other movies! How about Terminator or The Ring, those are entertainment too yet are so far from actuality, bette yet a close look at Avatar?? Get a life

  35. Ingerfeld Says:


    Interesting and insightful post. If all persons were like you this world would be a much better place,filled with goodwill, curiosity and wonder for knowledge and wisdom. Thank you. Best to you.

  36. Deano Says:

    i like my doomsday films but yet again (yawn)someone survives. in this case the two children (which is a lovely gesture….). the alien plot threw what would have been a really good film into the unbelievable bracket for me. if the world ends were ALL gonners but DD films always leave someone at the end. realistic? maybe up to a point. good article though….but i wont lose any sleep

  37. Philip Garetson Says:

    Plausible plot points, great special effects and characters we care about. That’s really about all you need to enjoy this Apocalypse Wow!

  38. Jen Says:

    2012 will be QUITE the year. No, people, the world will not end. Mankind cannot predict their own demise. The Mayans simply have a calender devised from cleverly discovered mathematical and astronomical events. However, there are many, many people out there who believe 2012 will be the end.

    From what I have observed, when a doomsday prediction reaches its date, the world never ends, but those who believe it will do the following: give up their jobs, sell or give away their belongings, commit mass suicides, cause riots, etc.

    The world will not end in 2012. But it will cause quite the commotion. Expect to see mass suicides, a rise in job openings, and an increase of garage sales. But don’t fall for it. Yes, Knowing is pretty terrifying for its striking realism, but if such a cataclysmic event befel our small planet, well…I guess I can’t say much if that actually happens, but don’t believe in doomsday predictions. As convincing as they may sound, it is impossible to predict the end.

  39. Joe Says:

    The truth is simple. Nobody knows when, if and how the end will come. We may go out with a scream or a whimper. We may go out in light of day or the darkness of eternity. There is only one truth. We will end. No ifs, ands, or buts. No matter what you or I do, individually, or collectively, will make a difference in the final scheme. We will all be equalized when the end comes. Accept it and stop worrying.

  40. Beata Says:

    What about last oil spill and Knowing, guys? The biggest ecodisaster in our history?

    Web bot? ask yourself, keep your minds open. It is not the end, it is another episode in Space.

  41. Terri Says:

    Knowing impacted me greatly. It left me with a feeling of great hope.

  42. Undead Dinosaur Says:

    The Mayan calendar does not predict anything, and no scientists at NASA or anywhere else have claimed that a Knowing-style flare is even possible from our Sun. In fact, we can observe many other stable, sun-like stars, and we don’t see them producing such flares. There is no ‘galactic alignment,’ either, except the insignificant ‘dark rift’ alignment that happens every December. Latest solar forecast is ‘below average in intensity’ in 2013, but I’ll give you a pass on that since this article was posted before the revision came out.

  43. Louis Bonasera Says:

    great movie.I guess the reason they took children was because most adults are already corrupted a holes with bad outlooks on life and philosophy as a larger majority of children are innocent and pure of heart.Its good to see that there are at least a few good souls amongst us.

  44. janejuliet Says:

    I went to see this movie the day it came out in theaters. When the movie ended I was incredibly disappointed. However, after I left the theater I absolutely could not get it out of my mind. I didn’t feel emotional about it; I simply wanted to think it through and decide for myself if and how it all made sense, both in a human sense and also Biblically. At some point I realized the beauty of it.
    I’m not going to write a persuasive piece here; each person has to come to their own conclusions about the movie as well as their own mortality and beyond. All I want to say is that after exactly 23 months, the ideas that KNOWING presented and the thoughts I’ve had since have not left me.
    I have no interest in seeing 2012 (the movie–and I’m sure I’m the only one anywhere), because the fear and fighting to survive are not what strike me about all of this. It is the acceptance of the end and the beauty of hope beyond that have stuck with me. And to the person who said the statement about “The Tree of Life” vs. “The Tree of Knowledge”: The Bible does clearly talk about God Himself as being the Tree of Life. Whatever is next does not have to start the way it is described as starting last time. I am certain Adam and Eve stood before the Tree of life before they were even aware of the existence of The Tree of Knowledge. And you do realize both trees were symbolic, right?

  45. JC Says:

    I just saw it on cable.
    I was looking at reviews and many people seem to hate the ending to an extreme degree.
    Why do u think that is?
    Why do people have such intense negative reactions to the ending?
    (It seems that it is the new “garden” and the children and the tree that people hate.)

  46. Stiles Says:

    Love seeing all the discussion on here. Some great thoughts. Thank you all very much. (Co-writer of KNOWING)

  47. ctd Says:

    “Couple this with NASA’s prediction that 2012 will be a height of solar activity (sunspots) and you get a very creepy Knowing vibe.”

    In other news, today NASA reports sunspot activity is plummeting in contradiction with predictions, and Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade:

    Nonetheless, the point that nature does what it will do, and that humans have to cope with it (or, well, not), remains.

  48. AJT Says:

    A MASSIVE SOLAR FLARE doesn’t have to kill anyone directly. If it were to knock out all satellites and simply knock out the power grid, we’d be sent back 150 years. Imagine trying to live life on Earth…where everywhere on Earth there is no electricity except what we as individuals can make. No cohesiveness as a country, or even as individual states or cities. Chaos would ensue; massive looting and stealing. We couldn’t call anyone. Food can’t be refrigerated. Gas for cars would eventually run out. I live in Arizona; where the hell am I going to get water once it’s gone from all the stores? Imagine just 2 months of this around the entire world. There are still parts of this world where electricity is still not used, but the general level of panic around them from the people who don’t have electricity would surely scare them as well. Having just watched the “Fallen Skies” 2-hour premier, our lives would look much like the lives of those people, except that instead of fighting aliens we would be fighting ourselves for supplies.

  49. Roddy Says:

    After seeing this movie, and hearing the information surrounding the thoughts on Dec 21 2012 from a discovery channel premiere.. I must say I came to the same conclusion mere months ago.. There seem to be clues all around us as to why and how humanity may end– all you have to do is keep an open mind.. you’ll see it.

  50. mr green Says:

    did nobody notice how in this movie they showed the bp oil spill on the tv and even had the date right???? 1 problem tho ..this movie came out in 09 the bp oil spill did not happen until 2010, THEY KNEW!!!

  51. wowlfie Says:

    If in the end only one boy and girl survive — let’s hope for the future of humanity they don’t take religion with them. Religion is a virus on mankind that saps the hopes of those who realize it’s just mythology and it practices discrimination because if you don’t belong–your an outsider and treated as such.

  52. LaQueSabe Says:

    In the “Knowing” it didn’t actually indicate this oil catastrophe in the Gulf was “the” BP Oil Spill that occurred 20042010, in the Gulf not far from my home. However, when I watched the flick just last night for the first time ever…without hesitation after viewing this scene my reaction was “Basturds”! But, in this flick @ 12:00am-notice the word Japan comes into focus…as in the clock is made in Japan, or perhaps it’s a reference to an atomic bomb in Japan 06081945? His paper with numbers on it has 150981 and he repeats 81 just after the clock moves to 12:00 with the word Japan coming into focus. 81 tells him “where” this catastrophe will occur, in the Gulf? Surely the flick is sending a message as many flicks do. The question is why are these writers and producers sending the populace these not so subtle messages over and over, and of what tribe are most if not all of these people who are sending the message? You have only to view vintage flicks that you saw when you were a youth and you will see and hear things you didn’t pick up on previously, not because you were young…But, because you were not awake, or chosen! As if they have been shape shifted…or we’ve woken up enough to detect the signs NOW…Another thing that got my attention about the you tube video @ about 1:32 it looks like a round bright light or planet is behind the rig and he tilts his head ever so slightly as if seeing something…and then just as the guy gets off the helo a photo flash as if to tell us who’s getting off the helo-as he is illuminated by the first thought was its Cheney-Halliburton…all very interesting, since the Deep Water was Halliburton. Then there’s the newscasters comment as to why the “decommissioned” rig caught on fire…malfunction in the cooling system. Now, that is interesting because on October 7, 2009, Transocean began drilling on the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico. On November 9, 2009. It was damaged by Hurricane Ida. It was replaced by the Deepwater Horizon, which was responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill when that rig “exploded” on April 20, 2010. BP subsequently produced a report that suggests that the ignition source for the explosion and subsequent fire was as a result of the released hydrocarbons being ingested into the air intakes of the diesel generators, and engulfing the deck area where the exhaust outlets for the main generators were emitting hot exhaust gas. So, that definitely is a similar message as the flick! You might recall Jim Ingram said the lights flickered followed by 2 strong vibrations. Could that be Atomic explosion, hence the clock 12:00am Japan? How often do you hear writers, producers or actors discussing their role and convey what may be closer to the truth through their art? Another twist…if they had all made it deep into the cave to Middle Earth…they would have survived. I think the woman was stopped because she had the “Knowing”, she had eaten from the forbidden fruit after all…it wasn’t in the script as it isn’t in the Divine Plan for them to beat-instead of joining those who are light bodies, or illuminated. Which makes me wonder if Lightworkers are doing the good work they think they are? Wouldn’t that be the next message, those of us who were/are the ground crew-Lightworkers who are working for the light bodies and thought they were doing Gold’s work-I meant God’s work, a synonym for Good, only to discover they may be assisting a false prophet? I believe those of us rebelling against every message they ask us to eat and disburse, is the reason God got so angry in Ezekiel-son of dust. “They will realize that I alone am God, and that I wasn’t fooling when I told them that all this would happen to them.” Problem is, I’m confused as to which Gods or God is love…I wish the real Prophet would kindly materialize as I am only interested in the one truth and being love. Those are the only words I want to eat…Wayne Dwyer says if we want to attract Light don’t waller in the dark consciousness. But, I think many are and don’t know it. Last but not least…which one of us as a child hasn’t had an imaginary play mate, who talks to us? These children certainly received from the light bodies either telepathic or channeled information. So, according to the flick heads up all those receiving channeled guidance. OK, this is really the last…I seem to recall in my sleepy stupor last night, the boy had hearing problems. You may recall him trying to tune in his hearing aid? Well, how many of us have the famous buzz that escalated in early 2000? I’m almost deaf in my left ear from it and I can tell when they are raising my frequency as the tempo and pitch are enough to drive one to distraction! Smiles…

  53. Sorell Says:

    people…recently scientists who have went out have discovered inside a hollowed out tree in a cave like structure more peices of the mayan calender,which go on hundreds of more years even thousands…my theory to why the date stopped on that day in 2012 because the spanish came and the people were so amazed that they dropped everything to see these people,eventually they died due to decease and such and thats that but now i see there are more years ahead…this isnt it people…just because it ends on that day it doesnt mean the sky is going to fall…it does not say “ooh well on this day everyone is going to die” it does not say this at all…there is hope..seriously they found peices..

  54. Amanda G Says:

    Here’s what I want to know: WHY WOULD THE NICHOLAS CAGE CHARACTER JUST GIVE UP HIS SON TO THE ANGELS/ALIENS?? WHY WOULD BEING ALONE WITH THE NEAR STRANGER LITTLE GIRL BE BETTER THAN BEING IN HEAVEN WITH HIS MOM AND DAD?? AHH!! This makes me crazy!!! Why wouldn’t the dad and the boy choose to both go and be in Heaven together with their wife/mother?? Why would being alone for God knows how long on some other planet with near strangers (or only one near stranger) be preferable to life in Heaven with EVERYONE he has ever loved??!!

  55. Garry Johnson Says:

    I watched Knowing on the eve of july 14 ,2009.The movie had a plane crash scene near the begining .There were newspaper clippings of real disasters shown .I remembered seeing 168 die in one of the headings. The next morning when I arrived at work,a tv set was on and I looked up to see the wreckage of a real plane crash that had just happened ,and 168 people died in the crash .It was in Tehran on july 15,2009. The Oklahoma city bombing had 168 people that died.The 2 events were separated by 5200 days,a mayan time increment.At the time I was studying the Mayan calender and I discovered that my Mayan Tzolkin number is also 168 . Whoah….I believe the movie is a real warning .I have been studying dozens of crop circles
    that are saying the same message.A message confirme3d by the Fermi space telescope. There was a huge explosion at the galactic center.This enegy wave is millions of degrees and traveling faster than light speed .If this energy wave hits the sun,then it will go into red giant phase and blowout.
    This will evaporate our atmosphere and oceans.The crop circles say we will be able to detect the first signs of this on about december 15,2012.The suns phase will will happen from dec 23,2012 to march 29,2013.There was a
    anomaly in the skies over christchurch on mar 29,2011 showing our solar system ,an object flying through our system ,mercury and venus get swallowed up by the sun. We have a twin star system.Our sun and its twin will attract one another and collide making one white dwarf which may have the capability to restart life .A Scientist by the name Pane Andov has studied this and his conclusions are these. You can study his info on you tube .Today is 9.4.2012.There are 168 days from july 6th to december 23.
    July 6 ,Buh sr and Bush jr will be 85 x 666 days old on dec 23,2012′
    Their birthdays added together are 6.12.1924 + 7.06.1946 =13.18 3870.
    !+3+1+8 = 13 and 3+8+7+0 =18 and 6.12 +7.06 =13.18 and on the 66th day of 2013,which is march 6,as a decimal the date is 2013.18 .On that day
    Bush jr is 66.66 yrs old……
    Lastly and most important is My birthdate .I was born on 11.29.53 .There are 29.53 days per lunar month. 29.53 x 2 =59.06 This number 59.06 is my age on the date 12 .21.2012 No big deal right.It is the only birthdate in existence that by using the date(29th)x the year (53)
    x 2 ,that one can get their age this way on dec 21.2012 .A message given me ,a personal coding for the Mayan Calender Date .The end of the Mayan fifth sun and the beginning of the 6th sun.The 2012 Olympics ended with the Pheonix burning ceremony.Symbolising the end of an age and begining of the next .

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  57. Kimberly G Says:

    It was so interesting reading this in 2013! It just seemed so unreal to see your thoughts and others years before predicted events and now after nothing happened. Knowing was a very good movie, even my mother who dislikes sci-fi enjoyed it!

  58. Marshal Burnham Says:

    Funny reading this in 2013….niothing happened. Not even the angels will know.

  59. martin gaffney Says:

    First, the children were taken by angels not aliens, as one of the chosen few described in the (RAPTURE), angels are very frightful to humans. Especially when one of them opened his mouth to emit the eternal light of heaven…still very frightful to them. they Took them to heaven set them down in the new garden of eden with the tree of life in the background..when nick cage came to the home of his dad they asked where’s caleb ? he said very piously, he’s ok now. and as the chrilden raced through the fields of eden you saw the so called space ship which was depicted to be ezkiel’s orb, ascend upwards to gods’s glory forever. You’ll notice this ord during the movie, cage holds a pic of it for just an instance.

  60. James Says:

    Well. Good article. Good responses. I was SO moved by this
    film. The “Angels” scene was fantastic. I saw this as a good rendition
    Of Biblical fact. I believe the Bible tells that those who follow GOD. Not
    Those who follow church dogma will be taken away before disaster
    Strikes. Obey Him. That’s the message of knowing. God used the
    Film company to get His warning out.

  61. Deej Says:

    Why is it “meaningless”? Why is “the inevitable” frightening? For that matter, why refer to it as “the inevitable” using a word with such an ominous significance –or perhaps, why have we as a species decided that word has to be ominous? I simply don’t understand this way of thinking any more than the absolute need to put a Christian style “God” into and behind everything in order to have anything “mean” anything at all. It smacks of people afraid of not being themselves what they think of as “godlike”, doesn’t it? Reality is that everything we know about moves in a cyclic pattern, and works very well that way. There is no need for anyone (eg “God” or alien) to pull strings to make what is, be. Reality is also that humans are, and always have been, part of everything that exists in one fashion or another and always will be part of everything that exists. Early stars went through their part of the cycle and formed elements that exist as part of our physical beings today; what we are will some day be part of something else, and this will be so whether it is part of another living being on Earth in a few years or part of who-knows-exactly-what an eon from now. Nothing is lost. There is no need for creating some humanlike but more powerful (in some way) creature to save us, we are already quite safe. There is every need not to decide that humans are somehow outside of the cycles that make up everything; pretending we’re superspecial is the only real terror; it leads to the needless, obviously insane destructiveness of each other and our own planet for the point of denying the reality we are part of in favor of a childish fantasy to allay fears that should never have been raised.

  62. vi Says:

    I just watched the movie and enjoyed it. But, didn’t get the ending. If everything was starting over on another planet, were the kids a new adam and eve with the whole new world starting or were they in Heaven? If it was supposed to be the rapture then why was the pastor and his believing family left behind? Are they saying the Bible is wrong ? The character said they’d all be together, but umm when?

  63. Pukku Says:

    it was an outstanding moving nd i want to know only one thing is it have a second part also ? when u ill be realesaed???

  64. Hman Says:

    “This happens only once every 26,000 years, and the Mayans predicted it.”

    That is not the case. The Maya calendar simply ends, there is no such thing as a prophecy or a prediction that relates to this end. Obviously Mayans decided that 2012 was far enough in the extremely distant future for all practical reasons, bearing in mind that calendars are most commonly used for agricultural uses.

    And as we all know now, no transformations of any kind occured to the world in 2012 that relate to that date.

    Wikipedia “Various astronomical alignments and numerological formulae were proposed as pertaining to this date, all unequivocally rejected by all scholarship.”

    “We didn’t bring about our own demise; it was planned by nature in an unchanging way before the first human ever stood upright.”

    Well, first of all, nature doesn’t plan anything. Second, almost all (!) other events predicted in the movie had nothing to do with nature. Nature didn’t attack the world trade center, and 9/11 gets mentioned, humans did that, and on purpose. Some of the incidents were accidents, some were catastrophic natural disasters, some where deliberate terrorist acts.

    So there is no red line that connects those events other than “many people die”. But if those strangers can see into the future and warn humanity about things that happen, why don’t they foresee their own future, as they are the ones who kill Diana (although indirectly)?

    Other holes in the plot are the stones, the symbolism of which never gets revealed, or the coordinates that are last-minute retrieved from the old door. So why all the fuss about communicating the numbers in this strange way, if in the end all people have to die anyway (so the warning is absolutely pointless) and those few selected to be rescued are found completely independent of the only one being who actually received and understood the warning?

    It wasn’t necessary to inform the one, and is was pointless to inform everyone else, so this whole communication is – pointless. And everything else in the movie is erected on top of this communication, so the movie falls apart…

    So, this movie doesn’t send any shivers down my spine, I’m only puzzled as to why the movie industry still spends fortunes for SFX but almost nothing for good scripts…

  65. Camilla weaver Says:

    I think the movie was good I also believe in god and the bible is a book written to guide us to live better lives and how to be saved when the end is upon us but most of us don’t give a shit.Even if we knew the end would come on a certain day and what we had to do to be spared would we do it?

  66. Steampikachu Says:

    I find it honestly very unsettling…ive been terrified of the movie for a while now, crying when the ending of the movie came about. I can’t bring myself to view it because it’s so depressing in a sense and I want to cry because of such…

  67. Kinderling Says:

    The location and number of human-deaths was perfect… until EE. Everyone Else… (minus 2). I know we’re all dead now, but can’t we argue that what was written on the note and then under her bed she then realized she got it terribly wrong? And that why she killed herself – embarrased because she couldn’t get back into the time-capsule to change it?

    The only twist in a predictable plot.

  68. Robin Hume Says:

    I thought the movie was entertaining, thought provoking and great fun. When the end really does come I think it will be far more drawn out and less merciful.
    Maybe, when we do make contact with aliens (assuming we haven’t already) they really will be altruistic towards us. I certainly hope so. It would be interesting to look at this movie again in a few hundred years, when we have truly become civilized.

  69. Catherine Anaya Says:

    Excellent summary. Please consider the following: And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things. (Revelation 22:8 KJV) Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life and may enter in through the gates into the city. (Revelation 22:8, 14 KJV)For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord. (1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17 KJV). But let me reveal to you a wonderful secret. We will not all die, but we will all be transformed! It will happen in a moment, in the blink of an eye, when the last trumpet is blown. For when the trumpet sounds, those who have died will be raised to live forever. And we who are living will also be transformed. For our dying bodies must be transformed into bodies that will never die; our mortal bodies must be transformed into immortal bodies.Then, when our dying bodies have been transformed into bodies that will never die, this Scripture will be fulfilled:Death is swallowed up in victory. ” O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power. But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ. So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless. (1 Corinthians 15:51-58 NLT)

  70. farseer Says:

    well the ‘aliens’ in the movie are clearly supposed to be angels from the God of the Bible. whether or not the movie is arguing the Bible is actually about aliens or simply presenting them in a sci-fi way for the modernity of it all can be debated, but the artwork Nick Cage looks at is Ezekiel’s encounter with the ‘wheel within a wheel’ in the Bible. That is why the ball-shaped alien craft is a very souped up, science fiction, stylized wheel within a wheel. they showed that artwork and depicted the alien craft as such to intentionally establish that correlation. the rabbits are there to symbolize fertility. obviously the two kids are expected to uh, start going at it at some point on their new planet. But it wouldn’t be tasteful to openly spell out what the two kids are supposed to do when they’re old enough because nobody wants to sexualize children. so the rabbits are just a gentle way of the director insinuating the two of them are supposed to be fruitful and multiply.

  71. guesswho Says:

    I just finished the movie…

    What if with the end of the world coming, he actually shot the children at the end, and the entire alien presence was nothing but a mental break from the reality and inevitability of death? Subconsciously he may have known what was happening (he figured it out very quickly once he was at the lab) and the shadowy men were nothing more than his subconscious trying to communicate the impending doom?

    It puts another spin on it.

  72. B. East Says:

    Imagine I’m cooking a wonderful meal. First I gather the finest, freshest ingredients. I spend hours chopping, dicing, sauteing, roasting. The house is filled with wonderful smells. As I cook I’m explaining the history and significance of all sorts of ingredients, how they were discovered, developed, and used by different peoples.

    When all the ingredients are prepared, I dump them in a large, hot pot of boiling cow shit. And guess what – nobody cares that I sourced organic carrots from a local garden from France when they’re boiling in poo.

    In no particular order, here’s the shit covering the food:

    Why did Lucinda write the numbers and seal them in a time capsule. She had to have some idea of what they mean – she predicted the EXACT date of her daughters death. She could have released them to the world at any time, but chose to lock them up until the end???

    The black rocks. Why?

    The imagery and special effects don’t save this movie from the “WHAT THE F?” ending. Why go through the effort of some cryptic warning if the world will end anyway? The “warnings” serve zero purpose. Zero. The entire premise of providing a warning implies that some corrective action can be undertaken to prevent that which the warning foresees.

    Solar flares don’t work that way. Was google not around in 2009? Feel free to sit outside during a solar flare, the worst you’ll get is a sunburn… which you would also get in the absence of said flare.

    Saving the children: Why? Who is going to teach them? Feed them? Protect them? No internet, no smartphones, no tv. Good luck.

  73. Bryce Says:

    I think the scene about free will is meant to help add to the plot that this disaster is inevitable and that humans could change nothing. Freaky shit!

  74. lovely Says:

    the movie tells not only a story but also a prediction such as it predicted the oil spill in the golf a year before it happen and some other upcoming events look at the movie it gives you details that are about to happen

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  77. Elizabeth Placido Says:

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

  78. Tyler Says:

    I don’t think the directors realized that the May an calender doesn’t include leap years, which were implemented later in ancient Rome. This means that the Mayan calendar, as they made it, would have ended long before 2012. Soooooo, ya.

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