More Ghostbusters III news! Moranis?? Maybe??

Posted on 06 April 2009 by ShepRamsey

Harold Ramis has been doing a lot of blabbing about the upcoming third installment of Ghostbusters lately and he hasn’t quit just yet.

In a recent interview with, Ramis, who co-starred in and co-wrote the original films in the eighties, implied that everybody from the original cast was back on board. If this is true, moranisthat means that Rick Moranis will return to live-action film for the first time since Tom Arnold scared him away from the industry in 1996′s Big Bully.

What Ramis said in his interview, however, was “Everybody said they’d do it,” which could mean that he was talking about only the ones who were actually Ghostbusters–himself, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson. Moranis was never really a Ghostbuster, except for that brief moment at the end of Ghostbusters II. If he is back, that would be the greatest thing in the world. But I’m not holding my breath.

Ramis also said that the script is currently being worked on by Gene Stupinsky and Lee Eisenberg, writers for TV’s The Office, who also co-wrote this summer’s Year One with Ramis. This worries me a little. I’m not a big fan of The Office (although it certainly has its moments) and Year One doesn’t look very good at all. But I still have faith. Ramis went on to say, “Even if a great script is done by the end of the summer, it would be a year before [we could go into production]. It’s a big movie. Lots of prep.” 

Ramis said the story would be an new original concept, not based on Aykroyd’s original idea for a third film Ghostbusters Go to Hell, which sounds awesome, if a little bit much like Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.                           

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