Mike Newell: Time traveller

Posted on 06 April 2009 by ShepRamsey

British director Mike Newell is set to direct an adaptation of the 1930s children’s novel, The Box of Delights about a boy who recieves a magic box that allows him to travel through time.

newell_apThe Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire director is currently finishing up work on Prince of Persia, the movie that gave us those oh-so-sexy shirtless pics of Jake Gyllenhaal a few weeks back. After that, so Variety says,┬áhe’s onto this one!

Box of Delights isn’t really anything that I’m familiar with, but as I made quite clear in my Slide THIS in Your Machine article last Friday, I’m on board for pretty much anything having to do with time travel.

I like Newell and I definitely liked Goblet of Fire and I think he’ll do a hell of a job staying within the family-oriented fantasy genre. Sounds good to me.                           

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  1. ParryOtter Says:

    Reading the words “Box of Delights” and seeing that picture of Newell is perhaps the most terrifying experience I’ve had all week.

    He’s a lovely soul, though.

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