Wolverine busts out early! Fox isn’t happy…

Posted on 01 April 2009 by Quaid

This kind of leak is unprecedented.  Sure, we often get DVD screeners going online during awards season or handheld shots of movies on the big screen, but its rare that a work print leaks out onto the internets.

wolverine_newThat’s just what’s happened with X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Someone has apparently pulled an “inside job” on the studio, releasing a near-dvd-quality work print of the film onto peer-to-peer bit-torrent sites.  Now, Fox is scrambling like mad to shut it down.  But this kind of thing just won’t die once it starts.  As John Connor once said about Skynet, “It was software in cyberspace.  There was no system core.”  

This has, of course, happened before.  Rob Zombie’s Halloween as well as Hostel Part 2 and Ang Lee’s Hulk premiered online about a week before their theatrical release.  What differentiates this, though, is it’s happening a full month before release.

If you’re a seedy individual who might actually track this down, know that it is NOT the final cut of the film.  It’s fifteen minutes shorter and lacks the incorporation of the infamous reshoots that occurred a few months back.

Current wisdom says that this might be the reason it was leaked; someone wasn’t happy with the new cut and wanted to show off the old one?  Speculation, but a sincere possibility.

So now there will be even MORE security around big movies.  Look for studio protocol changes to happen very soon, and, if they find the source of the leak, expect swift retribution.                           

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